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Men teaching pointe


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Are there disadvantages to men teaching pointe? Advantages? My daughter's current ballet schedule shows that she will have pointe class with a male instructor 2-3 days a week. Any thoughts?

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While it's generally thought that women should teach pointe and variations, men teach men's class and pas de deux, there is really no reason why any of these can't be done by the opposite gender. After all, women also do pas de deux, and males are AD's, ballet masters and choreographers who create and rehearse pointe work. That said, I would hope that any male who is teaching pointe has been educated in terms of HOW to teach it, since they have most likely not experienced it themselves, or if they have it would usually be on a most limited basis. The same would go for females teaching partnering. They must study HOW the male dancer must work. It is not a given that just because someone has done something that they can teach it, therefore it would certainly not be a given that a male would know how to actually TEACH pointe work, especially to more beginning levels.


There are many male teachers who do know the mechanics and understand the whole theory of teaching pointe, and I imagine there are many who just "do it", without any real knowledge and training. So, the answer to your question is, it depends on the teacher........as usual! :)

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DD has 2 male teachers at her school. One of the teachers teaches a variations class. He has choreographed many numbers for a professional company and has won awards as well. The regular pointe classes and 2 other variations classes are taught by a female. DD likes both teachers.

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