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DVD/Videos: Renting dance videos

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Where can you rent dance videos on-line? I live in a pretty rural part of the US, so seeing live dance involves a big trip. I am not satisfied with seeing performances once a year and have found a lot of dance performances (including some really classic ballet) are available on video/DVD. My problem is that I'm not sure which ones I want to own and would love to rent or preview them first. The local video stores don't even carry Singing in the Rain, never mind ballet. Any suggestions?


Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I'll cite my new member status as an excuse.

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Guest xballetdreamsx

There's something called "Netflix" (yes, I spelled it correctly) that lets you rent DVD's online. It's $19.99 per month (American money, I have no idea what it would be in anything else) and you can have up to three DVD's out at a time. There are other "plans" you can get so you can have more DVD's out at a time, but I'm not sure of the prices of them. There are no due dates on any DVD. I'm not sure if they have anything you're looking for, but they do have a very wide selection, so I would be fairly surprised if they didn't have anything you wanted. :D You can do a search on a search-engine to find its website.



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Uh...x...x, I think that I've heard of them using US money in Vermont. They rarely use beaver pelts any more. :D

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The local video stores don't even carry Singing in the Rain, never mind ballet. 

Fie! A plague upon them, I say! Don't they know that Donald O'Connor's "Make 'em Laugh" piece is one of the finest moments in cinema? And Cyd Charisse!?!! Don't they have any idea how much talent there is in that film BEFORE you even get to Gene Kelly's amazing ... and ... ok... whew... I'll calm down... Deep breaths... Getting off topic... All right...


Anyway, I believe you might want to also check out Greencine at


I have not used them, but they are supposed to have a good selection of less-commonly-rented video.


Good luck Lisa, with Netflix and Greencine.. I hope that if you try them sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need...



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... I hope that if you try them sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need...

Good one! As usual, I always enjoy your posts, DreadPirateRoberts.

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Just to confirm. Netflix has quite a few dance videos. Most of them are documentaries. But they do have some rather obscure dance videos, such as Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, Maurice Bejart's Nutcracker, etc.


Hope this helps.



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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Netflix does have quite a good selection of ballet and other dance videos. The cost has gone up a little to $21.99. Too bad they don't accept beaver pelts, there's a little beaver family just down the road. :sweating: I think Netflix has a better selection than Greencine, although they have some interesting films.


DreadPirateRoberts, sorry to upset you. I hope you've recovered from the shock. :P

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This is an old thread from the early days of Netflix, but I am reviving it because I just stumbled across another online rental source for dance dvd's that I am curious about.


Has anyone used KineticFlix.com? It is more expensive than Netflix, but does seem to have some titles that are hard to locate. I am just wondering if anyone can speak to their reliability, customer service, etc. One concern is that I think they have only one distribution center, and it is not even close to my part of the country. Are there any happy or unhappy customers out there who would like to comment? Thanks.

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