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Guest probablydancin

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Guest probablydancin

At my summer intensive we got comments at the end of the program, and one of mine was to strengthen my supporting side, I didn't know exactly what that meant so I sort of ignored it. I went to an open class last night and the teacher told me I should strengthen my supprting side, so I'm realizing this is important and I should probably try to fix it. So my question is what exactly does strengthen your supperting side mean? and how can I strengthen it? Sorry if there is already a topic on this!!

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I have not run a search regarding this question, but I have no memory since I have been enjoying BalletTalk of anyone asking exactly this question. I can only imagine what your situation may be without further explanation, but I will give it a shot! :grinning:


The supporting side of your body is perhaps one of the most important aspect a young dancer must learn. Regardless of what one may be doing, the supporting side of the body must stay straight, equal, even and perpendicular to the floor. There are differing ways to approach the same outcome. Generally speaking, the placement of the feet on the floor must be flat, with the weight equally distributed throughout the whole foot. The line of the supporting knee must remain straight, no twisting and the supporting hip socket must remain on top of the knee and foot without twisting. On top of that is the shoulder line which must remain square to the hip line. If there is any twisting of the shoulder, hip, knee and foot then the supporting side of the body is considered weak.


I hope this has helped!

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probablydancin...no search done, just my mind at work! Teacher handing down to student as has been the way in the classical work for a few centuries! :D Glad to have been of assistance.

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my teacher told me one of the best ways to strengthen my supporting side is by standing far away enough from the barre that only my four fingers touch and not my thumb. it does really work.

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Hour fingers? Do you by any chance mean four fingers? That would work, but only if you are still at a distance where that elbow is relaxed and the hand placed on the barre slightly in front of you. If the arm is straight that would not be good.

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I am not quite sure what "hour fingers" are either, but in Russia they say one should hold the barre with the "little pillows of the hand". It does help to understand how to stand up correctly when one does know how to hold the barre correctly. It will indeed help to maintain the supporting side of the body, but first the image of how to maintain it must be clear in the mind.

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sorry about that everyone. it was late and i think i was a little tired. i edited it. yes ms. leigh we do keep our hand in front of us and the elbow is not straight. :wink:

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