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Quotes: Dancer's words that inspired

Guest Paquita

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"Life would probably have far more meaning and light if, side by side with the teaching of reading and writing people were also taught to dance beautifully."


Anna Pavlova

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"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once." -- Nietzsche


Ahh! Good ol' Nietzsche.

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Guest dancing.silhouette.
"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once." -- Nietzsche


Ahh! Good ol' Nietzsche.

:grinning: Crazy! I had no idea it was Nietzsche who said that!


Anyways, Heres my favourite:


"There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost." -Martha Graham

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This post was started some time ago, but is exactly what I have been looking for. I wanted to put together a book or calendar of inspiration for the dance students and teachers at my daughter's ballet school, something to give them a lift on the days on which they are struggling or to simply inspire them to achieve their goals. I would be really interested in any inspirational quotes that people have come across. Here are a couple of quotes/excerpts that really caught my imagination.


" You must always give an impression of lightness, ease, and mastery. And my joy of being onstage obliterates all physical difficulties. I've rehearsed so much that my steps become almost automatic, leaving my spirit totally free to concentrate on the music and emotion".

Emmanual Thibault


Sylvie Guillem on comparing yourself to others:

"You don't start by saying, 'Well, am I better than her?' Because that goes nowhere. Instead, all your work, your passion, your will has to go into what you do. And then if there is a result, if people like you, if you are a bit different, then fine. Everything I do, I try to make it the best I can. So I go my own way and give it all I have."


“Dancers should realise that they are really lucky. Dancing is not a job. It's people who are chosen. And you must realise that you are chosen. Sometimes I see a performance that makes me really angry - I think, those people are lucky and they don't realise it. There are so many who are not so lucky, and they wish they could be here, even if it were only for five minutes of their life. But these dancers are blase. And I want to say, come on, wake up, whatever you do, please do it well and do it with all that you have." - Sylvie again

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