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Favorite Male danseur

Guest Until The End Of Time

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Guest Until The End Of Time

List those who influenced you and why:


1. Sasha Radetsky - When I saw hiw attitude in that movie I was like damn this guy is seirous about what he does he impressed me more than Ethan Stiefel.


2. Billy Elliot a.k.a. Jamie Bell - A rebellious boy who has the heart for ballet and decides to go at it regardless who trys to stop him.


3. Angel Corella - His technique is amazing, he is what I describe that floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.


4. Sergio Neglia - He is the first danseur, I have ever seen in person that performed live, instead of on the television. I was impressed with what I saw live.


5. George Balanchine - for the great works he contributed to the Ballet world.


And last but not least all those boys and men that dance, keeping the male influence in ballet alive. So if any of you are reading this I want to THANK YOU for everything, you have shown me. :wink::angry: two thumbs up!!!! :dry:

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1. Edward Villella - my kind of dancer.


2. Henning Kronstam - the kind of dancer I wish I'd been.


3. Erik Bruhn - who showed me the value of simplicity, done perfectly.


4. Regis Powers - my home teacher.


5. Myles Marsden - who taught me that bravura should be fun, and clean.


6. Rudolf Nureyev - How to showboat.


7. Sir Frederick Ashton - who showed me how a real mime role works.

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Guest Polo161

Keith Cross (the first person to show me the joy of ballet)

Rudolf Nureyev (a man that lived on the edge while bringing down the house)

Randy Herrera ( Short man with fast feet I love to watch him personal hometown hero)


I have to agree with Until The End Of Time. Angel Corella has amazing technique!

Very on top of his game. Big "show boater" in a delecate way.

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Guest DerfDude04

Mikhail Ilyin, Principal Dancer in Miami City Ballet. He was one of my main teachers this summer at Miami, and I loved his classes, he was not only amazing but a good teacher as well.


George Balanchine, I didn't have him personally but everything I have read about him is extremely amazing, not to mention all of his choreography is amazing.


Stanton Welsch, current Artistic Director of Houston Ballet, his audition class for the summer was amazing. I really enjoyed it, and I kind of wish I had gone, though I really want to go next summer.


James Ady, current Soloist with Pennsylvania Ballet. Everytime I see him perform he impresses me more and more. He is truely amazing, and I love the way that he dances and the control that he has.


Peter Boal, faculty at School of American Ballet (SAB) and Principal Dancer of New York City Ballet (NYCB). I saw him teach a class while I was auditioning for SAB's Summer Course, and he looked like a wonderful teacher. I saw him perform "Jewels"...the Rubies part with Yvonne Bourre, and I had never seen a man move like that in person before in my entire life.


Stephen Jackson, former dancer with Clevland Ballet, Pittsburg Ballet Theatre, and Zurich Ballet. He was my old teacher and him and his wife were not only the extremely nice to me, but took time out of their lives to help me with my dance career. They both inspired me to want to dance.


Amar Rassamar, corps in NYCB. I have had him as a Guest Teacher and he is an amazing dancer and I enjoy his classes. When I took his classes I felt myself working extremely hard becasue he was amazing.


Zachary Hench, former Principal Dancer with Boston Ballet and San Francisco ballet, current Principal Dancer with Pennsylvania Ballet. I have watched him take class, and he is a really hard worker and he performs extremely well. He was amazing as Siegfried in Swan Lake.


There are many others too, those are just a few. :yucky:

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Stanislav Issaev....because not only was he a brillant danseur with a highly respectable career, He is now a great inspiration to his students. I think that is what truly makes a superstar, someone who is phenominal in his art, and passes it to the next generation. :P:wink::yes:

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Guest dancerboy11

1. Sacsha Radetsky- I recently saw him on the cover of Dance Spirit and there was a great article about him. Now he is my HERO!!!!!!!


2.Gene Kelly- He was and is the greatest tapper of all time in my opinion.


3. John Seyla- Saw him in Movin' Out. He is awesome!!!!!!


4. Bob Fosse- Love his choreography!!!!!!!!




Those are a few of my dance idols!!!! :)




Those who dance are thought mad by those that can't hear the music

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Guest imthedylio

Angel Corella without a doubt is the most inspiring to me! If you havent, try to watch a DVD called ABT now "Variety and Virtuosity" , he dances the Don Quoixe pas de duex with Paloma Herrara (spelling?) and it is incredible!

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Is it OK to be influenced by female dancers also?


For example... The doll in Coppellia made quite an impression on me as a child, with her mechanical movements. When I was an apprentice, the men in my company were no match for the women in form, precision, grace --- just about anything technical. I admired one of our dancers in particular for her strong back, her efficiency of movement, and her non-dancing career.


As a child, we had a picture of Baryshnikov on our wall at home. That made quite an impression, I admired him from afar.

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Ethan Stiefel


Carlos Accosta


David Hallberg


Claudio Munoz... amazing teacher!


Herman Cornejo





Gillian Murphy


Alessandra Ferri


Dawn Scanell.... great teacher!

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1. Scott Ranagan - My teacher, a wonderful dancer and a awesome guy. Danced at Boston Ballet, Washington Ballet and North American Ballet. He's been a great roll model.


2. Bill McLaughlin - Another of my teachers. Great guy, great dancer and he's really helped me out.


3. Davide Vittorino (Festival Ballet) - He's not world famous, I've never been taught by him, but I've seen him dance quite a few times (he's my teacher's dance partner). He just set the bar for what level I'd like to dance at some day.


4. Gene Kelly - Amazing. Just amazing.




1. Leticia Guerrero - She has been one of my teachers for the past 3 years, and she's an AMAZING dancer. She has helped my technic so much, I would be nowhere without her. Sadly, she's not going to be teaching at my school next year...


2. Lorraine Chapman - Yet another teacher. One of the best dancers I have ever met. She choreographs great modern pieces. I feel really lucky to have her as my teacher.

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