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Guest Lovebird

She is now a First soloist with the Royal and she is amazing. Very versatile and strong. Did anyone see her when she danced with San Francisco ballet? She also danced with the Rambert, quite unconventional as it is a modern company and no one goes from there to the Royal.

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Diedre has been with the Royal for about 2 years now and is truly fabulous to watch, as you pointed out. She also strikes me as an extremely *intelligent* dancer. I had the opportunity to watch her in a rehearsal for Les Noces, and it was noted by members of staff that one of her greatest qualities is having a variety of dance experience and training.

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Guest Lovebird

Yes, a lot of people have said that she is an intelligent dancer. On Bruce Sansom's website he remarked that she was in charge of rehearsing the dancers that were in his touring group. What I most admire is how versatile she is, when you see her in Agon she is totally different from when dancing in Sleeping Beauty. I wonder how tall she is?

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She is amazing and has great technical precision. Her mother is the director of my ballet school so she has taught some open classes and has been around the studio this summer.

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I second the fact that she is amazing and has great technical prescision! Apparently through the experience and skills she aquired from dancing with a modern dance company it helped her with Balanchine technique and repetoire. I think the path she took to get to the Royal Ballet is fantastic, obviously a path that isn't often taken.

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