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DVD/Videos: The Children of Theatre Street, Ballet Shoes. etc

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Can anyone please tell me about these DVD's?

The children of theatre street


Ballet Shoes-based on the book by Noel Streatfield which I have read


Suzanne Farrell-Elusive Muse


Balanchine (1984)(has dark cover with close up of him and a pic of him dancing)



Delibes - Coppelia / Giezendanner, Ganio, Lacotte, Paris Ballet (2001) (has excerpt of a documentary of the school at the end)


And this is not a ballet but gymnastics DVD, however, one may know....was the DVD "Nadia", made in 1984 good? It is about Nadia Comaneci

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i'm not sure just what you're looking for here, some of these items would likely have some credits and text on various websites where they are sold.

other balletalert readers may well add info. that you find of interest.


the first 'children of th. st' is a documentary about the vaganova academy, it shows classroom, reh. and student performances. it was initially released as a movie and then released on cassette and finally as dvd.


(i've not seen nor read 'ballet shoes')


'elusive muse' is a somewhat recent documentary made about the career of suzanne farrell. there might even be commentary somewhere else on this site regarding this film: farrell is much discussed here as is her famous career.


the 'balanchine' you indicate here sounds like the 2-part documentary produced for public tv in the US. it was made the year after balanchine died and gives a broad overview of his wide-ranging career, with excerpts of a good number of the ballets he made over his long career (the clips span ballets made in the late-1920 through those he made throughout the 1970s.)


the COPPELIA named here is that performed - in 2 acts [as opposed to the usual 3] by the paris opera school, w/student dancers.


[i have no knowledge of the 'nadia' documentary]


in addition to credit information about these films you might also find reviews of them on sites where they are sold.

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I have The Children of Theater Street on VHS and DVD, and the DVD is a bit of disappointment--it seems that they made it from a bad copy of the film and the colors are funky in parts.


That said, the film itself is one of my all-time favorites.

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lyssa, you have 3 good answers above. rg was very thorough. What is the problem? You received information on all the ballet videos. For information on a gymnastics video, I would suggest visiting a gymnastics site.

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WEll, I was really wondering about Ballet Shoes, and all someone said was that it was like the book, but I was more wondering about the dancing in it, if there was any.

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That's fine, but maybe just ask that question, like you just did, instead of making it sound like you had no response! :thumbsup:

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