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Trouble Stretching


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I am very flexible and have very good extensions. I can't seem to find a strech that helps. I can do lots of different stretches for the front because Im not that flexibe there. But in my second, I cant find a stretch that helps or that I can feel. I have tried the straddle, the wall streches, pulling my legs up and few other thing. Does anyone have any suggestions??

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The first thing I suggest to you is that you not stretch cold. You should only do very mild stretching if you're just at home, and separated from ballet class. Save your very most extreme stretches for right after class when you're well warmed up. What are you missing from all this stretching? Added extension? Remember that extension is a double-bitted ax; it needs not only flexibility, but strength to be able to put the leg where you want it. It's a slow process - there is no extension pill that will act overnight.

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Betherina, if you have good flexibility and extension, then perhaps you don't need a lot of stretching for those things. The time might be better spent working on the things that you don't have naturally. That might be rotation, or feet, or port de bras, or placement, or what ever you feel are your weaker points. Dancers who are naturally very flexibile need less stretching, not more.

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