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"Don't use your back"


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today in class i was doing sisonnes and the teacher told me not to use my back in them. i have no idea what this means...

also, this particular teacher (one of 4 that i have this year) tells me that i am sticking my ribs out. when i try to fix it i end up just round my back or something, and my other 3 teachers tell me to open my shoulders and lift my chest.

does anyone understand what these corrections mean and how to apply them?

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My guess would be that you might have been using your upper body for the jumps, instead of the work happening from the legs and feet.


As for the ribs, they should not stick out. Just relax them. You do NOT have to round your back to do this. The shoulders should be open, but "lifting the chest" could mislead some people to "lift the ribs", and that is not what is meant. Talk to them, and have them explain it to you and show you by fixing your body.

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