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Landing Pirouettes


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I did a search and didn't find anything on this so. . . I'm having trouble landing my pirouettes. I feel like I'm hopping down, and having difficulty controlling myself on the way down. I think that sometimes my working leg opens up, instead of staying in passe position and connected to my knee, when I try to bring it back to 4th. Any suggestions?



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Giselle, think of the end of the pirouette as being the top of the turn, BEFORE the foot leaves passé. Finish the turn UP. Then, bring the foot down to 5th or 4th by DECISION, not because you are busy falling down. The end of the turn is still up, the position that happens afterwards is afterwards :D So, what you are busy doing is spiraling upwards, even when your passé leg is heading for the floor, YOU need to still be going upwards.

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