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Guest pique princess

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Guest pique princess

I just watched two ballet dvds that I must recommend. The first one is called "Born to be wild", which is a documentary talking about four of the most talented ballet dancers in the world; Angel Corrella, Ethan Stiefeld, Vladimir Malakhov, and Jose Manuel Carreno. This dvd is just awesome! The next one is called "Great pas de deux" and it has many pas de deux from different ballets in it, in it is Margot Fonteyn, Darcey Bussel, Baryshnikov, and many more. This is great! My mom bought these for me, so I'm not sure of where you can buy them yet, but I'll ask her and post it later! Just thought I'd recomend these! :angry:

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Thank you for the recommendations, pique princess :angry: I think it you go to Amazon.com, by clicking on the link above this page, and all the Ballet Talk pages, you will find these DVD's!

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My friend from dance taped that thing on Born to be wild. I borrowed it and I think it is great! ANgel Corrella and Ethan Sitefeld are my two favorite guy dancers in the world! It was also great to learn about Valdimir and Jose. The performance is awesome, and so are the biographies on them. I definlty reccomend that one as well! I've never seen the pas de deux one, but it sounds great! Thanks Piqueprincess!

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