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My knee feels twisted


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Alright, well only on my right leg whenever I stand on it the knee feels twisted. I'm not sure how else to explain. I am pulling up my knee cap and not slamming it back. I'm using my turnout muscles and the backs of my thighs but it seems that it is being pulled every which way. But when I let go of all the muscles it doesn't bother me. Now, I don't feel it on my other leg or when I am standing on both. Is this normal and I'm only doing it correctly on this side or am I using the wrong muscles? :D

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We need a few more details here. First, are your legs hyperextended? Second, have you any old injuries to the right leg only that might have caused this feeling?


There is right-leggedness and left-leggedness, too, just as there are righties and lefties in writing.

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My legs are a bit hyperextended. I did have problems 2 years back with slamming my knees back as I had no quad muscle and no abs either to pull be out of my legs. I have worked hard the past 2 years( I switched studios to a much more hardcore technique school) and thought I had gotten rid of it. But my knee problems were mostly in my left leg. I have noticed now that my left leg is a much stronger supporting leg than my right probably from working to correct my knee problem. Hope this helps

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You may have a little leftover problem from overcoming your hyperextension. I'd first ease up on the turnout to a degree that you can support from your hip. If you can't turn out your right foot at all without this twisting feeling, I'd have that leg checked by an orthopedist. An ounce of prevention now sure beats a pound of cure later.

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