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Books: Holiday suggestions

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I may have posted this information long ago, but I'm starting a separate topic, so as to draw people's attention to an excellent source of ballet books and videos. Go to overstock.com and put "ballet" or "dance" in the search box. You will be absolutely thrilled with the incredible selection of dance books and videos. There are books for tots, older children, teens, and adults -- ditto for videos. The books come in both hardcover and paperback, and many can be had for under $5! Great stocking stuffers. You'll find many you never heard of before. It is always a joy to peruse this selection.


Also -- the shipping can't be beat. All general merchandise is a flat rate of $2.95 (even furniture), but the books and videos are even less!!!


Just act soon if you find something you like -- merchandise moves quickly, such as the DVD versions of Streatfeild's books.

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I know that there is a forum on books etc, but I would just like to ask from personal experience, are there some recommendations for a couple of good ballet books for the young serious dancerr.


Dd is 12, loves beautiful pictures and is an avid reader, but has no real interest in reading a lot of technical information. Would be more interested in the stories of professional dancers early experiences. I'm not looking for a dictionary or encyclopdia type of book, but something with more of a human interest element.


Could anyone send me in the right direction please?

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There is a wonderful book called The Ballerinas, by Paremenia Miguel (not positive of that spelling...don't have the book here). It's the stories of the romantic era's most famous ballerinas, including Taglioni, Grisi, Grahn, Cerrito, and Elssler. It might not be in print anymore, but I imagine it can be found with a bit of searching. I picked up a copy a couple of years ago in a second hand book store.


Another wonderful book, that I read when I was a child, is Theatre Street, by Tamara Karsavina. It's another very old book, but very readable for a 12 year old.

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Thanks for the advice Ms Leigh - I will take a look for these.

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My younger DD liked Chan Han Goh's autobiography when she was about that age. More recently (she just turned 14) she liked Suzanne Farrell's autobiography Holding Onto the Air.

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An oldie but goodie is Maggie Adams, Dancer.

Also Tutu Much by Airin Emery

And Summer Dance by Lynn Swanson

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