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Mirella tights

Guest Aleksander

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Guest Aleksander

Does someone here have any (good or bed) experience with Mirella tights for men.

I need new tights and they should be with back leg seams (as Mirella). It seems that it is only possible to order them from USA. Living in Europe I am supposed to pay taxes ordering them from US. That´s why I want to be sure that it won´t be waste of money and (waiting) time. :party::pinch:

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I have looked at them for my son-they are very similar to M.Stevens tights if you are familiar with those.

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Yes I got my DS some when we were in NY there was one pair on the rack at Capezios. They are really nice he liked them alot. I have not been able to find another pair however, any suggestions as to where they have them online?

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Yes I have a pair , Very nice! I found the ran a little smaller than the milliskin so I exchanged for the next size up. I don't own them in white but I bet the would be really opaque. The capezio Meryl tight are also very good.

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Mirella men's tights can be purchased either from tutu.com or riversedgedancewear.com. I bought two from the former in 2003. The gusset in the crotch of the first pair began to give way almost immediately, so, thinking that I had just gotten the odd defective garment, I returned them for an exchange.


I brought the second pair with me to ADC last August, and saved them for the final performance. It's a good thing that I brought spare tights with me to the theater, because I was warming up backstage when I felt the fabric give way. It was the gusset again, and this time after only a couple of plies. The hole was big enough to expose my dancebelt to (gasp!) public view. :innocent: I'm actually glad that this happened right away, because if it was fated to happen, I would just as soon that the crotch not tear and gape wide during a performance. :thumbsup:


So back they went, and this time for a refund. Mirella now claims to have reinforced the seams in a second edition of the tights, but I remain skeptical.

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You really got to hike up the tights to prevent the crotch from ripping. I've never had that problem with M. Stevens tights though. MS tights last forever, worth the few bucks extra. They never rip or run, the toes eventually wear out but that is easily darned.


I notice mirella makes gray tights, whereas MS only makes Black and White.



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I've worn my Mirella tights several times No problems! I have had them for three months so maybe the did fix the problem.


If you want to have grey Milliskin tights get a box of Rit of Tintex dye and a kettle of hot water. Let the white Milliskin tights simmer for about a half hour in the dye solution. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse and you have grey tights!

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Guest Aleksander

After I have read all your messages, I have decided to order Mirella tights. They have just arrived and I must admite that they look great. Besides the size XL is real XL (not like Capezio), which is quite importent for someone like me -being 6" and having really muscled legs.

Anyway thank you all guys for your responce. :):thumbsup:

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Guest DerfDude04

The next time you order tights, you should try M. Steven's I find those work best for me. I don't care for Mirella but to each their own. One of my bestfriends loves Mirella, but I do not. Well just giving some input!

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Guest Aleksander

Actually, ordring Mirella tights I took two pairs of M.Stevens as well. After I have tried both of them, I must admit that I prefer Mirella. But still M.Stevens seems to be OK, which means that I will be use them as well.



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Give the new Capeizo Meryl tights a try. Really comfortable and their white is really opaque! I just got two more pair.

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