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Classes in or near Manchester UK?


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Dear all, I'm a lurker coming out of hiding, and I've enjoyed all your discussions immensely.


Can anyone give me any recommendations for a good ballet class for adults in the northwest of England (sort of between Lancaster & Manchester & preferably easy to get to by public transport ). I do one classical & one contemporary class a week at a lovely local studio (Ludus - highly recommended) but they're both mostly beginners & I'd like to get back to slightly more challenging work. I'm mid-forties but still pretty flexible and could (10 years ago!!) scramble through a Cecchetti Intermediate class. I still do pretty well now. I'm not wedded to a syllabus btw


I'll ring around my local schools to see if they'll take a much older student, but I thought I'd aske here (and at ballet.co.uk) to see if anyone had tips from personal experience.



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Hi Kate


Welcome to Balletalert! I've already replied on ballet.co.uk, but if you can't get to the class in Warrington there is another class in Manchester itself, at the Zion Centre in Hulme. It's about a mile from the city centre, and fairly easy to get to on public transport.


I've only been to it once, but it is very good - a bit younger than the Warrington class, but still welcoming of dancers of any age and standard! It was on a Wednesday at 6.30pm (same time as my class in Warrington - grrrr...), but may not be this term. I'm sure Xena will chip in soon to confirm this, though - she goes to this class.


That aside, I don't know what to suggest. The Hammond School in Chester have an adult class on Tuesday nights, I think, but it's pretty out of the way so probably not do-able on public transport. I did a pretty exhaustive search for adult classes a couple of years ago, and apart from Ludus and Merseyside Dance, I didn't find any more...


Good luck in your search, though, and if you find any other classes please let us know!



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Once again, thanks Robin, for information about the Manchester class. It clashes with the class I do at Ludus (which although a beginners' class is such fun I don't like to miss it!), but maybe during half-terms and holidays I'll try the Zion Centre classes.


When I hear about Danceworks & Pineapple class schedules in London, it's one of the rare times I wish I didn't live in the North!



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