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Just wanted to share


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I never realised how much help it is to have a real dancer to look at while you're in class.


As in, yesterday I went to my studio for a beginner's class in ballet, and guess who was there in class as well? Tamara Rojo!!!


What amazed me was that the perfection of moves she was doing. I mean it's not like you get the chance to look at a professional dancer doing stuff in slow motion 3 feet away from you!!! It did help me myself a lot of how one should carry oneself, and how some moves should look like. (I'm saying this because the teacher sometimes do not do the thing 100%.) Just looking at her gives me such a better idea of how it works - it's not like I have taken in everything already but it certainly helps a lot.


I feel so priviledged to be in the same class as her!!


Just wanted to share with people who understands :yes:




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:yes: That's amazing. I wonder why she was taking this class?


I have never been in a class with a professional dancer. It must have been incredible. I went out on the internet and found some pictures of her. She is beautiful and has amazing feet.


What a cool experience. Did you talk to her? I would want to know if she will continue to take the class.

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I have also been in class with a professional a few times, and I agree, while it was intimidating it was also very inspiring! What made the greatest impression on me was the way she shared the joy of class with those of us way behind her; the sincerely glad smiles to those the teacher complimented, for example. I've always thought that her love for dance shows from her work, but it was very inspiring for me to also see it in class.

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Nah I didn't go and talk to her - it's class!!


Just the more motivation that I'll go to class - to be able to look closely how good dancers dance, and hopefully take in some of the ideas and improve!




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It can be inspiring and depressing to have pro dancers, or dancers who are orders of magnitude better than you are. On the one hand, you get to see them up close, and see that they too make mistakes, and have to work just as hard as everyone else. On the other hand, if learning ballet is like climbing up a hill, seeing a very good dancer is class is like thinking that you're making pretty good progress up the hill, until the clouds should clear, and you find out you're really climbing up Mount Everest, and you haven't even made it out of the local town yet (although in my case, I usually find out I haven't even booked the ticket to Nepal yet :D).


I remember one class where I was desparately trying to do a petite allegro combination, and not finding enough time to do half the steps, and then seeing one of the pro dancers do it. Not only did she have more than enough time to do all of them, but she was actually musically phrasing the steps with little pauses and accelerations to highlight the music. :crying:



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