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Crossing Legs...

Guest stumbleine_

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Guest stumbleine_

My friend (who used to be in ballet for quite some time) told me that crossing your legs totally messes with your turnout. Is this true? I'm worried because I have a habit of crossing my legs all the time.


So...is it a myth or a fact??



xo sarah :)

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There's nothing to it. I have no idea how this one got started, but it doesn't even make sense.

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I cross my legs all the time and it has never affected my turnout. Could it possibly happen to those who don't have much natural turnout in the first place? (I have a very good amount of it naturally...)

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I think it's more like the ghost of your great-grandmother appearing in your ear, saying, "Real ladies don't cross their legs in public, dear." :)

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OK.. this is starting to get kinda off topic here... but I have crossed my legs a lot in my life and I have NEVER gotten spider veins! (Then again, I am only 15...)

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*grins* I read that once in a book (fiction) about a young dancer, and it's always nagged me ever since. Glad to know that I'm not messing up my turnout by crossing my legs, which I do all the time (it just keeps my legs warmer). :wallbash:

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