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Adult ballet classes in Houston

Guest lstoller

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Guest lstoller

I'm a resident of Houston and recently returned to the area after finishing college. I took ballet from elementary through High School but haven't done anything for the past four years. I'm trying to get back into ballet and was looking around for some good adult ballet classes. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? I was thinking of trying the Houston Ballet or the Houston Metropolitan Ballet's classes.

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If you are near the Spring/ Klein area I highly recommend American Academy of Dance. 15775 Bammel Village Drive


They have 3 adult classes a week... 2 that are intermediate/ advanced level (T/Th 7:30-9:00), and 1 that is absolute beginner (W 7:30-9:00) (but the more advanced students sometimes take it on pointe, although it did start 2 weeks ago with the difference between point and flex)


The adult classes are taught by Durine Alinova, a former principal at Boston Ballet (among other companies). She is wonder, gives good corrections and really helps her students progress through the levels. The classes occasionally pause for a little bit of chatting, but it really is a nice atmosphere.


I don't remember how much the registration was, but they ask you pay a month at a time, not class cards, but you can make up missed classes.



When I looked into Houston Ballet it seemed like they had a good program but have since heard they look down on adult beginners from girls in my class. Because I found a good program with less of a commute, I never found out for myself.


Good luck!

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Hello Istoller, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :)


Houston Ballet has always had a good adult program, and I would think that they would have more classes and more levels. Since you would not be a beginner, even though it's been 4 years, you could probably get back into shape in an Int. level class to start with. I think they have both morning and evening classes, but not sure.

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Houston ballet's intermediate classes are Monday 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Saturday 9:00-10:30 a.m. Advanced Classes are Monday/ Friday morning.


And they offer an excellent price. I would have been there if it wasn't for the traffic :D Silly Houston.

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Guest lstoller

I looked at the Metropolitan Dance Company adult classes but felt rather uncomfortable since most of the students in the class were young teenagers. I'm going to look into the classes offered at the Houston Ballet this week. I'll let you know how they go:) I work downtown so it would be fairly close to drive. I would have loved to try the American Academy of Dance but unfortunately I don't live in that area.

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