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How long does the body stay warm?


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In general, how long would the body be considered "warmed-up" following a 2 hour technique class and heading into a rehearsal? Specifically, if there is a half an hour between a technique class and a rehearsal, will the dancer still be warm enough to jump into a rehearsal? In this specific case, the dancer would not be able to stretch (or very limited) during the half hour because this time would be spent traveling from one studio for class to another for rehearsal. Thanks for any information.

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She should be okay for the half hour drive. Just keep it warm in the car :D

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As your dancer has to exit the studio and sit in a car for awhile, even a half-hour, then parts of the assembly can "seize up" and at least a rudimentary few barre elements need to be done before she can jump into rehearsal. The extremities feel it first. Stretches should still be possible.

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