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We have heard very good things about Purchase and my daughter recently met two dancers with Complexions Contemporary Ballet in NYC that attended Purchase who highly recommended this program.


I am a bit disappointed to hear about the few performance opportunities for freshman students, but wonder if this is the case for most freshman at other dancer programs. I would be interested in knowing how many and what kind of performance opportunities are available to sophomore/junior/senior students.

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QueSera, My daughter is a sophomore in the Conservatory of Dance at Purchase and so loves it. It may have been my earlier post that made you afraid Freshmen don't have performance opportunities but let me fill out my comment a bit. I think it is just that Purchase doesn't GUARANTEE performance opportunities, but the opportunities are really quite plentiful. The atmosphere is intentionally a bit more like the professional dance world with the students having to compete for casting, but with Seniors and Juniors and MFA students all casting for shows that happen all year in addition to the two large Conservatory productions each year there are many opportunities for them to perform. Again, they're not guaranteed to be cast and I guess you could say it is perhaps a bit "sink-or-swim," but my daughter and her friends are very happy there and it seems like that is the norm. It is competitive but the students seem to feel extremely rewarded by their successes. My daughter was just selected for the study abroad exchange program for first semester next year and will be studying at the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts! She is beside herself with excitement! The study abroad dance exchange program is also a competitive one with spots only available this year to about half the applicants.

Hope that gives you a bit more of a picture! Feel free to ask more questions or for clarification on anything!

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I was accepted to and plan on attending Purchase this fall which I am very excited about. I am now looking into housing and am wondering if any current students or parents could give me advice as to how I should go about it. I submitted my housing deposit- and now have to request a room and a hall. Does anyone know if the doubles are preferable to the suites? And do most dancers tend to apply for the Conservatory hall? It sounds like a great thing to live with artists, but do many dancers choose to? Any help would be very much appreciated!

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Thanks for all the info! My D just received her acceptance yesterday, so we are very excited. After spending the last few weeks checking her application status, we were very frustrated that it kept saying her application was incomplete. I finally had the nerve to call Purchase directly to make an inquiry (as I feared they get annoyed with students/parents calling) but they were actually so friendly and said they were happy to hear from us. They didn't know why her status said incomplete so promised to investigate and told us we would be notified of the admission decision by mail first. I checked online later and was so suprised to see that her acceptance was already posted online.


We are now looking at housing options, so would also like to hear back whether freshman students have any options. Applying for the Conservatory floor does sound like a good idea, but I would like to know if one can still apply for a suite (with the common living area and bathroom) or whether all the rooms are the basic triple or quad with the bathroom down the hall.

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I don't have too much specific info on housing but I can tell you my dd's experience. She really lucked out as a Freshman ending up with an extremely compatible roommate who is also a dancer and also getting into an upperclassman dorm with their own bathroom! We did NOT choose the conservatory floor. My theory about partly why it worked out so well for us is that 1) we got our deposit in very early, 2) dd chose the "Wellness" option which got her put in a dorm other than the "freshmen" dorm (freshmen dorm I understand is more crowded and not as nice.)


CONGRATS to you both on the acceptances!! Purchase is wonderful and my dd says she can't imagine having gone anywhere else!

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I am trying to schedule DD's auditions for SUNY Purchase, Juilliard and Tisch. Ideally I would like them all to be in one trip, although I realize that may not be possible. Does anyone have advice on how to travel from SUNY Purchase into Manhatten? How much time should I allow?

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DD and I took the train. There are two possible stations, but I believe the White Plains station is the more convenient one. I can't begin to remember the time involved. (We went probably 6 years ago.)


Hopefully, someone local and more familiar can give you more specifics,

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The train would be more efficient and probably cheaper than driving and parking.. You can leave from White Plains and take the Harlem Line on Metro North Railroad from White Plains to Grand Central and it will take 40-55 minutes depending on the train. The ticket will cost somewhere between $8.50 and $11:25. Another option is the Rye station or Port Chester station. They will take a similar amount of time and may be like a dollar more. They would be the New Haven Line. A cab to White Plains would be about $13.00 or about $23.00 to Port Chester or Rye Station. Trains leave about every 15 to 20 minutes. Some are new and nice others (the old ones) are dirty. but the trip is not too long.



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I just reread what I typed and noticed a typo that made my directions not make sense. I will fix it now.

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Has anyone been able to schedule an audition for SUNY Purchase? I'm not having any luck and their website has not been very helpful.

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I don't think they're set up for that yet. It does say some time in November, I would try to be patient. They were very methodical when we scheduled our tour last year. It certainly wasn't on my preferred timeline, but once the information was available the process was pretty straight forward.

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Does Purchase require a Dance Letter of Recommendation AND an academic one? On the SOAR application it doesn't request them unless you fill out the supplemental application which dance majors aren't required to do. I tried emailing them but no response. Guess I should call.

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