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I don't think SUNY wants the academic rec letter. The dance letter is due at the audition. I have spoken to the admissions department, and they don't even want a transcript or test scores yet. They told me "self reporting" is sufficient for now, and if my DD is accepted, THEN they will want those submitted. If you find out something else, please let me know. Thanks!

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Thanks Dixie. I also ended up calling and you are correct. No academic letter is required. I am so confused by this whole process..first kid going to college/conservatory. Trying to stay organized. Ugh.

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Does anyone have a hotel recommendation for the SUNY/Purchase area? We will be coming in for an audition and staying for a few nights. I was hoping to stay near the campus and not get a rental car, but I don't know if this is even reasonable. I

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There is a very nice hotel/conference center that would be walkable from the campus. It almost borders campus. Just keep in mind it is a spread out, rural area but one could definitely walk from there. It is the Doral Arrowwood. You could probably get some good information if you contacted the hotel. Perhaps they have a shuttle service which could make it easier because even though they're next door it would be a bit of a walk.

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The Doral Arrowood is nice and very close to Purchase but definately not walkable to campus. It is also very secluded and very quiet during the offseason. I know parents who stay at the Crowne Plaza in downtown White Plains. Not only is it a short 10 minute trip to campus, it is surrounded by many places to eat (Cheesecake Factory is my daughter's favorite), Whole Foods, and the Westchester Mall for some retail therapy. I believe they also include free transport to Westchester Airport and shuttle service around town and it is definately worth a call. Enjoy your trip to Westchester and best of luck with your audition!

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dd auditioned and was cut before the end. We had visited and loved the program. We knew it had high standards so not a huge surprise but disappointed for her to get cut. Daughter is one of top dancers at her local studio, Sugar Plum in the Nutcracker this year, etc. so it is hard to really know. She typically got accepted into summer intensives other than the very top ones. Until you really get into the college auditions it is hard to find a good assesment of your talents compared to others which would help to determine more which schools to auditon for.

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Does anyone know how long it takes after audition for admission decisions?

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My DD auditioned last Friday and they did one cut, after the ballet and modern classes. DD was called back. She said they cut at least half if not a little more, and then those that made the cut did their solos and had an interview. There were ~45 dancers at that particular audition.

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Hi Dixie,


It is a 90 ballet audition class, a 60 minute modern audition class followed by one cut - there were only 15 chosen out of 40 or so at Chicago auditions Feb 1.


The 15 were invited to perform their solos and then have an interview - either individual or group depending on how on-time or behind they are on the schedule.


**Oops, I see an almost identical answer above. At least they are consistent.

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DS made it through all cuts and did his solo. He still didn't get in. Not sure what they are looking for, esp when they have 60% women. Maybe he will try again next year. = (

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Have they sent out notifications yet? My DD auditioned on Feb 7, made the cut and did her solo and interview, and we have not heard anything yet.

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