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My dd knows one young man who was called a few days after his audition date and was asked to come back and perform a different solo for the faculty. They said they needed to see him again before they could make a final decision. Has anyone heard of this happening before?

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I think some "no" letters have already gone out and might still be. Dance office said expect responses within the next week "or so." Not very specific but hang in there.

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We got our "no" letter within a week of audition.

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Hi @therese, when was your dancer's audition, and was he/she called back for the solo and interview? Was the letter from the college or the Dance department. We are still waiting..... Thanks.

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PMcolorado, yes, he was called back for the solo and interview. We got the rjection mail within a few days. : ( his audtion was Jan. 17th and we heard directly from the dance department.

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DD auditioned February 22, 2014. Originally signed up to attend February 14th audition, the ice storm the day before wreaked havoc on our local highway system. We were not the only ones to have rescheduled. 90 dancers auditioned on February 22. They were split into two groups with two separate auditions running concurrently. Two dancers were asked to leave approximately 10 minutes into the ballet portion of the audition. Many, I believe asked to leave after the ballet portion. Mid-day, approximately 50 had been let go. Approximately 40 dancers were asked to perform their solos and to interview, including DD. It was surprising to us to learn that it was a good idea to have a second solo prepared. Thankfully it was not requested from DD, but something to be aware of. We stayed for the evening performance, focusing on four seniors' original choreography and solos. The dancers were great movers; the pieces, a bit angsty, but probably not unique for young adult subject matter. The most magical part of the evening was the closeness observed between the dancers, and the dance students and alumni attending the performance. The community feels genuinely warm. Towards the end of March DD discovered she had been wait-listed. While this was cause for some sadness initially, she regrouped as additional options revealed themselves. DD was happy to have been called off the wait list last week and is looking forward to attending Purchase College in the Fall.


*Just checked with DD. With the exception of the two asked to leave early in the ballet class, all other dancers stayed through the modern portion of the audition.

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I have a daughter that is starting to think of college. She is a sophomore and wanting a school that lets her do daily ballet but not major in it. Does Suny Purchase allow non-majors to take upper level ballet? I see on their webpage that you can do intermediate ballet is non major.



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debby, it's probably worth a phone call to the department. This is only our first year, but my understanding has been that it is not easy for non-majors to participate in many of the dance offerings. The majors are a fairly large body and class schedules quite full. That said, we received notification early in the semester that Improvisation and Modern classes had been added for non-majors, and maybe they see a growing need that they are addressing.

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Looking for suggestions regarding travel from SUNY Purchase to Boston. We plan to fly into NYC and out of Boston.

My daughter will audition at SUNY Purchase on a Friday and has another audition Sat in Boston. Thinking of just renting a car since we have no idea how long we will be in Purchase and they suggest we plan to be there until 6pm. That way maybe we could get dinner on the way. The trains seem to leave from NYC, unless this is incorrect, which would extend our travel time. Is this even realistic? As a last resort, I may consider calling to see if we can change the audition date in Boston.


The original plan was one audition Friday and one Sunday in Boston. Not sure if they changed the date or if the original date was a misprint.

Thank you in advance for any input!

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diglass: The car idea does give you the most flexibility and the shortest travel time. I did just check and it looks as though there are both trains and buses linking White Plains (nearest city to Purchase) directly to Boston. Travel times range between 4 and 5 hours. Depending on when Friday actually ends for you that could bring you in quite late. Going in and out of NYC might get you on a faster train, Acela for example, but you will be back tracking a bit. Our DD was in a fairly large audition last winter and I think we were out of there by 4:30 or 5. Good luck to your daughter.

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