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We live in Boston and travel to NYC often. The train is comfortable but difficult to schedule and much easier if you are in NYC. I would recommend renting a car. The one way rental will cost you more, but not as much as the train and provide you with the freedom and scheduling flexibility. Plan on 3.5-4 hours from Purchase to Boston. Good luck to you and your daughter.

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I travel to Boston routinely for work. You could take the Amtrak train to Stamford and rent a car next door to the station. I believe there is both Avis and Hertz. It's not a long drive from Stamford to Purchase and certainly shorter than trying to get there from NYC.

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Thank you all for your input it is very helpful! I think renting a car is the best option. Weather permitting. Hope everyone in the northeast stays safe and warm during the storm this week!

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For anyone who may view this thread in the future.


Please rent a car for getting around the SUNY Purchase campus! We called a cab and they were not able to come to campus. UGH! The bus only runs every 60 mins so you have to check time schedules.


We ended up renting a car to drive to Boston.

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Is anyone on this board currently a dancer at Purchase? My daughter is trying to decide between several college offers. We would be interested to know why current students chose to attend Purchase, and whether their expectations have been met, both for the dance program and the school in general. Also, does anyone know recent (past 3 or 4 years) graduates who have joined ballet companies, either classical or contemporary? Thanks!!

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DDCMom: DD is just completing her first year at Purchase. She chose Purchase because of the reputation, the faculty range, access to outside choreographers, balance of modern and classical dance, the international exchange, and proximity to NYC. She was also impacted by the positive energy she witnessed amongst students and faculty when she stayed for the program the evening of her audition.


She is incredibly happy with her choice and feels she has gotten great attention and opportunities. All dancers performed in the Fall Workshop series, and she was selected for two senior pieces. They could be chosen for as many as four. There is a spring show and a showing in NYC still to come.


Socially, the dance department is a very close-knit group. When DD was selected for a first cast in the Fall Workshop, the older dancers welcomed her wholeheartedly into their experience. She has good friends both within and outside the department.


Regarding employment, a current senior has received an offer from Charlotte Ballet. One current student deferred to dance with the Graham Company. There is also a recent graduate dancing with Jessica Lang. There is a more extensive list on the Purchase website. Alumni News


All in all a great education/experience. Good luck with your decision process!

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djeowmom, thanks for the very helpful information. My daughter feels the program would be a good fit for her but the campus is a bit of a turnoff. How does you daughter like the campus and dorms after being there a year? Do the students take advantage of the easy access to NYC? Thanks!

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The campus is fine, although she hated it on her first visit. The bulk of their time is spent in the dance building which, although a bit tired looking in the public spaces, is spacious, has great studios and black box theatre, and is full of good energy. The size of the campus keeps everything pretty accessible which is nice socially. The dormitory situation for freshmen is admittedly pretty awful. The options are minimal and the school is in the middle of renovating the original dorms so one large dorm has been out of commission all year. This will likely be the case in the Fall as well. DD and her friends are happy to be moving on to fresher and larger living space Sophomore year. Apartments are more readily available for Juniors and Seniors. Food seems to be another challenge for DD who is not particularly happy with the main dining hall and other food offerings are pricey. This is where the apartments become particularly attractive. I would say DD and her friends go into NYC once or twice a month on weekends for classes, performances, auditions or just to knock around. Alternate weekends to White Plains for shopping and food.

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The black box dance lab is gorgeous, our studio performs there.


However, the changing rooms are appalling and have exposed asbestos. There is currently postings on the doors regarding asbestos removal (we performed there within the last month). The bathrooms look like they haven't been repainted in a decade and each features a hand dryer installed directly over an open electrical outlet (so your wet hands are inches away while drying). There were potholes big enough to swallow our cars whole in the main drive. The state of the physical plant is very concerning.

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It is probably helpful to note that the college is in the midst of a 10-year campus master plan. My guess is that what they are setting out to do ultimately may take longer than planned, but the issues are known and they are working through phased renovations. While I am not particularly clear on the financial status of the SUNY schools, it seems important to share that they offer an extremely low cost education, not only for in-state students, but for out-of-state as well. The Dance Conservatory program is considered by many to be one of the top programs in the country, which weighed heavily in DD's decision to attend. Many parts to each family's decision, the physical plant being just one aspect.

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My daughter is considering auditioning for this program, but since she would be out of state the fees are more expensive. Does anyone know if SUNY offers any help other than federal loans for students(I.e. scholarships, grants, etc.).?

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emmarose1, it is our understanding that scholarships are very limited, I am not sure about grants, I suspect pell grants are available. The SUNY schools keep both in-state and out-of-state tuition quite low and there is not much endowment. DD is out-of-state and costs to us are comparable to her attending many of our in-state schools. DD received a number of generous scholarships from private colleges, and while this was not the reason for her final decision, we are still paying less than other alternatives.

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Thank you for letting me know. The cost is considerably more than our in state schools. A couple of private schools near us seem to offer much more aid. Unfortunately, SUNY may be out of reach for us. I'm so glad you could offer this help before we went through the process of applying. Best to you.

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I would still try to contact the school to inquire before you take it off your list. My understanding might be outdated at this point. Best of luck!

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Has anyone that attended the LA audition on January 22nd received their decisions yet? They said that it should take two to three weeks to be notified whether you were accepted, denied, or waitlisted.

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