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My daughter was accepted as well! 

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My DD auditioned on 2/9 but hasn’t heard anything yet, then again she was a a little late at sending in her applications. everything says complete on her purchase account just no answer from the school. she made all the cuts, is anyone else experiencing this? or did she just not make it?

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Congrats to everyone!!


Devonna - perhaps the mail is behind due to snow storm? Best of luck to your daughter!

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Hi all !  Just wondering of all who have been accepted who is attending?  DD is waiting on 3 schools that won't notify until April 1st (ugh) before making a decision.  Just wondering about everyone else and where everyone is coming from In State or out of State?

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My DD is attending. Before the acceptance, we were waiting on one other program with April 1 notification.  DD feels Purchase is the best fit for her. We are in state residents so it’s a great fit for my wallet. 

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We are really having a hard time deciding  as to Purchase BFA program or to a trainee program. Some have said that after 4 years it’s harder for a dancer to get a company spot. How much truth in this? 

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MicheleThompson, I would ask where the dancers who recently graduated are. Then, look closely at where they actually are and what they are doing. Are they in actual paid positions? Are they in tuition based or unpaid positions? (Keeping in mind that trainee, second company and apprentice can mean very different things at different companies)

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Honestly, it's difficult to get a company spot regardless of if you're 18 or 22. I was fortunate enough to have a professional ballet career after a university BFA and I have many friends who did as well. Getting a job is truly all about being the right person in the right place at the right time. Absolutely the "big name" companies out there aren't looking for 22 year old dancers with no prior experience, but the dancers getting into the San Francisco Ballets and Pacific Northwest Ballets of the world likely are already in the affiliated training programs and "on-track" for that. For a job in a regional company, in my experience, it doesn't matter. In some companies, the directors enjoy having more mature dancers.

The difference with trying to get a job straight out of high school is that younger dancers are often more likely to be content with being in trainee or apprentice programs for longer.

But absolutely what MelissaGA said...see what the track record is for SUNY or any other university you're interested in. Not all college programs are equal.


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