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Ballet Talk for Dancers

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What a great idea reading the student newspaper to get a feel for the culture of the university!  

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You gave a fair and accurate review of Purchase. It's unfortunate that you encountered such immaturity. I agree with  your review, the campus is not appealing however according to my daughter it's the staff and the people there that make it such a great experience for her. We had difficulty making  a choice as to which Trainee program or College offer she would take. She has done  SI's for the last 7 years in NYC and NC for 3-5 weeks each year.  She has stayed in dorms, college campus's, apartments etc....which I am sure most of our DD/DS have experienced. 

According to her, she is extremely happy with her choice. She said she feels safe on campus because of the people.  She said that most are accommodating, comforting and supportive so far. She said what makes it different is the people - faculty and students and the camaraderie is something she's never experienced. She is very happy with her schedule, and according to her - every.single.professor.

She is extremely happy and appreciative for the opportunity to be there and that makes me feel we have made the right choice - for us. 


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Can you double major at SUNY Purchase? A strong program is very important to me granted I get in, but I feel I need a practical degree in addition. Everywhere else I have applied I am a double major or dance minor and have a few auditions lined up. A SUNY price would please my parents but I am a little worried- as are they- about living in NYC but it seems like thats where the dance is so... Any information from someone in a similar situation is greatly appreciated.

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Hi lastminutauditioner,

I asked my DD about the double major and she said there are some Dance majors that have an Arts Management as a minor. Since Purchase is a conservatory, there is no dance minor.  Most dancers there are exclusively focused on Dance. You may want to reach out to the Dance Department directly to get your double major questions answered.  There maybe certain academic majors that mesh well with the rigorous BFA requirements/schedule and the school can tell what those might be. Good luck!

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FYI SUNY Purchase is not located in NYC . It is located in a very affluent suburb in wealthy Westchester County which is about 30 minutes outside NYC. You should note that there is literally nothing in the area around the campus in walking distance. This is a residential area. If you don’t have a car on campus students must rely on the campus bus system to get them anywhere off campus including the train station into NYC. 

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Hello! Just wondering if anyone has received the decision letter from SUNY Purchase BFA ?

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We have not yet heard,but DD inquired and was told that there would probably be an answer mid- week.

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