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They hired one of each. I just got back from ATL last night after moving my dd back home. While there I got to see some amazing choreography by Li-Chan Lin (male) that he made on the pro-level summer intensive students. They also hired Peng-Yu Chen who is also incredibly gifted. Both have been kept very busy in the performances this year, as Atlanta Ballet does not have a traditional Prima/Soloist/Corps structure. I don't know exactly how it all works, but someone might dance Snow Queen one show and Flower Corps the next. It's one of the facets of the company which we admired. They also used quite a few company members to teach and perform with the summer intensive students, which I'm sure was very instructive (and a thrill) for them. We were very happy with the 2 years my dd trained in ATL and are looking forward to this next step in her dance training at Purchase.

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Both of the Purchase grads hired by Atlanta also spent three years at American Repertory Ballet before being hired by Atlanta. We're not sure of the chronology here; however they did have professional experience.

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My DD has been there for 8 weeks and is very happy. She is happy with the training, and all the other classes that relate to dance topics. I believe the stats given to us at orientation were that fewer than 1 in ten is accepted. This year they had around 700+ applicants and there are about 60 in the freshman class. I know at the audition my DD attended on campus last year, there were 120+ (including MFA candidates) in the morning class, about 25 were asked to stay for the afternoon solo audition. I cannot compare it to Indiana or other programs because this is the only one my DD applied to. For us it is a state school and therefore in-state tuition costs. Still not cheap, but workable and they are one of only 3 schools we found that offer a BFA in Choreography, not just Dance.

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My dd also applied and was accepted last year but chose another program. Purchase is a competitive program, but they have a large class which increases your chances a bit. I think everyone would agree that Indiana is one of the most competitive since the classes are so small. My dd didn't even want to apply to Indiana since she knew other dk's that "were WAY better" than her (her words) that didn't even get a rejection letter.

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Purchase is a pretty competitive program. It is also a conservatory program so students basically take all dance courses and only one academic per semester. It is also an easy half-hour commuter train ride into NY so it is convenient to get to company auditions that are held in the city. My dd chose it over Fordham-Ailey because there is a ballet concentration at Purchase. So far she is very happy there!

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Yes, the academics can be pretty light if that's the way you want it. My DD was thrilled to hear that there was no math requirement for dancers. After all, they only have to count to 8! :) However, there are a minimum of 10 courses required outside the dance curriculum as per the SUNY Core requirements, and sometimes the even the dance courses have research papers, etc. I know she is only taking writing this semester, but will have Anatomy and World Cultures next semester. This is included in the 20 credits she is carrying: 18.5 hours of in class dance classes in ballet, pointe and modern, plus improv, dance production, music theory, dance seminar and rehearsals for senior projects, Nutcracker, etc. She also has 50 hours of production crew required and she is doing wardrobe for Nuts. (She's using all those 4-H sewing skills!!! :thumbsup: ) So, at mid-semester she is happy and VERY busy; just the way a dancer likes it!

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DD just got her acceptance letter in the mail today(only 2 weeks after she auditioned). Interesting how they already accept students when they have not completed all their auditions.

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That may be because not everyone they accept then chooses to come. Like most colleges and SI's I think they accept more than they actually can take because they know that their auditionees are also applying to more than one school. I learned at my dd's audition that many of the kids there were applying to 6 or 7 schools all around the country. We were the only ones we found there who were applying to one place -- SUNY Purchase.

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Congratulations to you and your dd, chaperone! My daughter was surprised to find out she had been accepted when she checked her online "myPurchase" account yesterday after she auditioned Feb. 14. Like EllenDana, we decided that this would be her only college audition if she received an acceptance early. As NY residents, the positive comments here and the in-state tuition have made it her first choice.

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Congratulations to all who have been accepted to SUNY - :yes:


DD auditoned yesterday and had a great experience. We are from out of state, dd is in residency in Philly and is doing 5 total college auditions. Under her belt so far are: U of Utah, Hartt, SUNY and still has Butler and Indiana to go.....Indiana being dd's first choice. DD made it through yesterday to the afternoon, her roommate from her residency program did not. That speaks to the level of competition. Best of luck to all, as we wait for our letters. :D

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