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I was wondering if those who have dancers who have been accepted to or are attending Purchase would give us their dancer's path (what kind of dance training they have had, summer intensives (if any), any special extra training they picked up in order to get ready for college auditions) and also (if willing) other college acceptances/rejections.


My DD is a HS junior and just decided to audition for colleges in addition to trainee programs so I find myself all of a sudden looking for any guidance I can.

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Sure, I don’t mind sharing our path..

DD chose to only try for 4 colleges, each one what we considered after research here and elsewhere, to be the top programs for a dancer interested in primarily classical ballet training who wants to be a pro. She spent last summer at CPYB and wanted that as her fall-back if she didn’t get into any of the 4 (which was my fear!). So she auditioned at Butler, Cincinnati, Indiana and Purchase, in that order. She was accepted into all but Indiana. (We understood that one to be the longest shot--partly because they select so few--and as it happened DD felt that audition didn’t go as well as the other 3..)

Anyway I was thrilled that she did so well but she has been working tremendously hard to get to this point—when she got her drivers license she began commuting 6 days a week an hour and 40 minutes each way for the last 2 years to a big company school with excellent training in the city. (We are in a rural area!) She felt she had to do this to improve as much as possible .. Her early training was at a competition school (lots of tap dancing, lyrical, etc!) with the last several years spent working hard to fill in the gaps in that early training.

DD is a hard worker, very determined. It has paid off! She was also accepted this summer to ABT New York! She began attending SIs 3 summers ago going to Joffrey and Draper for two summers and last summer to CPYB.

I’m a very proud Mom!

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Thanks dancincorgi! That was all very helpful. Did your DD receive any modern training during the regular year to prepare for auditions?

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DD is a freshman at Purchase. Path was: local pre-pro studio, top tier academy pre pro academy(one year), SI's included The Rock, San Fran(X2), and Orlando. She also trained, traveled and performed in China with Long Beach Ballet Company one summer. Main focus has been classical ballet but also took modern, jazz, character etc... She did a classical variation on pointe for her audition solo and SUNY as that is what she was most comfortable performing. During the interview they did question her about her modern training as well.

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DD was a late starter to dance. Her path: competitive gymnast for seven years, local competition studio for three years and an excellent local pre-pro school for the past three years. Her pre-pro school provides excellent classical training but also puts a fair amount of emphasis on Modern. She attended ABT Alabama SI and Long Beach Ballet Ambassadors to China. This summer she will be performing with her pre-pro company ensemble at Jacob's Pillow dance festival. She did a modern solo for her SUNY audition.

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Well, dd has had excellent modern and character classes once a week for the past couple of years.  In addition, I think her early years spent at the competition school doing a lot of performing and seeing a lot of original choreography has helped prepare her in the areas outside of purely classical dance.  She chose to choreograph her own contemporary pointe solo for the Purchase audition, feeling that might show her off to best advantage.

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dancincorgi, I agree that early training at a competitive school does have a lot of benefits later on. Especially, if the dancer spent time doing workshops and 'auditions' at jazz competitions as it is as close to the college audition setting as one can get.


Thank you everyone for your input! This really does help. So funny that in dance (as opposed to academic admissions) there is no real indicator of chances of admission. Wouldn't it be great if there was a Dance SAT lol? At least you would have a jumping off point(e).


We are scheduled to go to a dance dept visitation day in April. Has anyone attended one of these? Will DD be able to actually participate in a sample class?

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Hey dancincorgi! We've been chatting on the ABT-NY site! I just saw your posts here and hope that I can meet you sometime in NY this summer. I would love to hear about your different audition experiences at the various schools. My Dd is only a sophomore, but I know we need to start the college visits early next year since there will be so much travel involved. My older daughter looked mostly at local schools so I think this next experience will be very different!

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Thank you everyone for sharing. I had been wanting to ask the same question as MBF. My daughter is a high school sophomore and we are starting to wonder about college, etc. Great to come here and get some information from those a few years ahead in the process.

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Seahorsemom, I would love to meet you this summer and chat about everything! I think we may get some opportunities here and there! I'll keep tabs on you here in the meantime and we'll figure it out!

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Thank you everyone for sharing!


I wonder if perhaps the mods would make a separate thread for the path to college acceptance? I don't want to clutter up the Purchase thread with my question on this.

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At Youtube, I can find many performance videos of SUNY Purchase BFA(or MFA) program.

But almost all of them seem to be Modern or contemporary works.


Am I able to see any classical ballet performance videos of SUNY Purchase somewhere?

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When my dd auditioned for Purchase, only one dancer, out of about 20 who made the cut, did a classical solo. Mine did something more contemporary, although I don't know if you would call it modern--but then her school has a pretty strict definition of Modern dance--I haven't seen it, so i'm just going with what she told me. Her path--very recreational school to age 12, but with good technique teaching, at 12 moved to a small pre-pro school which emphasized both ballet and modern, although mine took the modern and jazz only sporadically. SIs at Boston and Miami. She has done pretty well with her college acceptances so far, and is happy to have been accepted to Purchase.

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