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Yes, Monday classes are cancelled and the Welcome Days events are cancelled but ORIENTATION for tomorrow and Saturday is still on!!! (per college website announcement just posted).

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Just changed DD's flight to Monday morning. School E-mails scared me. 'Don't come. If you come anyway bring bottled water, non-perishable food items, batteries and flashlights.' "We are not prepared to provide for the safety of students during a storm of this magnitude" Eeeek! I'm just hoping that the area is OK for travel Monday. Be safe everyone. Very interesting way to start the year.

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Hi bunbun! To answer your question for one Purchase Freshman, it has been a great Freshman year for my dd! She had some adjustment at the beginning from having been in all-classical programs for several years prior and worrying she was not working on all the same things in this program (which includes a lot of very excellent modern along with the ballet) but she feels that the modern “cross-training” is very beneficial for her classical technique and artistry. She is curious to see this summer how her ability compares to friends who have been studying elsewhere and at CPYB and is hoping to feel good and that she compares very well!

DD is so focused and working very hard and dancing a ton. Like many freshmen she didn’t get a part in the big spring production (was well utilized in Nutcracker, though) but then found out she is has been awarded a very nice merit scholarship for next year so is feeling well appreciated and confident! Her teachers give her great feedback and she is very impressed with all of them and all her classes.

Perhaps I’ll know more to share when she’s home next month! As a mom I’m so pleased because of how focused and happy she clearly is.

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Is pointe class required for all female dance majors at SUNY Purchase? My dd is interested in the modern major and does not necessarily want to take pointe. Thanks for your help!

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I plan to audition for SUNY Dance for Fall 2013. I have been dancing since age three and am tall and toned. I am worried though that althought technique wise I am good and also strength wise, I may be a little stiff. Should I bother to audition? I have heard that the audition is rigorous and that cuts are made early on. Should I put myself through that?

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mibochcloe, none of us has seen you dance, so how could we possibly offer any kind of reasoned advice on the 'should I or shouldn't I audition' front. :wink:


Here's what we CAN tell you: The surest way to not get accepted is to never audition. Everything else is up for grabs.


I would recommend that you discuss the audition with your teachers, read everything you can about SUNY Purchase, scour their website, look at videos or YouTubes of the dancers and see whether you are in that league or close to it. Then, go audition and do your best. That's the only way you will really know whether it is a viable option.

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As Dancemaven said, whether you should audition is not a question anyone here can answer. However, if you are looking to attend a college program of this type, auditioning will be a fact of your college application process. From my daughter's experience, the Purchase audition was a ballet class followed by a modern class, a cut was made and then solos were seen. This was a regional audition, however; auditions at Purchase may be different.

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Texted my dd who is a sophomore this year in the Conservatory of Dance. She believes the incoming freshman class is 36 dancers. Last year's Freshman class was 51 or somewhere around there, so a bit larger. :)

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Often it is the graduating senior class number that effects the number of incoming freshman, not the number of freshman of the year before . . . . .

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Hey I auditioned February 3rd in LA, and I have yet to hear back from this school. I was called back to do my solo and everything, a judge/teacher said I would be notified in 3 weeks...and it has been 4 now. My mom called the school and hassled the other person and they said that I was admitted, but I never revived a letter or an update on the student portal. It did say on their website however that if you auditioned feb 9 or 22 you would be notified 3 weeks after the 22nd one. (It didn't say anything in regards to the feb 3rd audition...)


So should I wait 3 weeks from the 22nd, call the school again? I'm really confused



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Dd attended the audition on campus Saturday. VERY well run. Excellent information session for parents given by the director during the first part of the dancer's audition. Dd absolutely loved the audition...actually she loved everything about the program and facilities. She was asked to stay for interview and solo. It will be a few weeks before we know the results. Purchase has a really nice vibe and everyone we met was very warm and professional. We would have loved to stay for the performance that evening but Dd's 1yr old sibling was in tow so our schedule was pretty much dictated by his temperament and sleep schedule. I think this will be a very long few weeks as we await the results!

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