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Body Type?

Guest michal1979

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Guest michal1979

I heard my ballet teacher mention the other day something about one of the dancers in my class having the 'perfect body type' for ballet. I have heard this before, but I am not sure I know what it exactly means.


I am curious, what is the correct (perfect?) body type for ballet? :wallbash:

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There are two aspects for having the perfect body for ballet: functionality and aesthetics.


Functionality means that the body is physically capable of doing all the ballet movements without undue strain - many of which require an unusually large range of motion. The joints of a good body are generally mobile, most especially hips (facility for rotation), back (for arabesques) and, if female, feet (for pointe work). Other important charasteristics are deep demi-plie, lots of general flexibility in muscles and of course the strength to control that flexibility. The body should not be too asymmetrical, and have no significant structural abnormalities. General stamina and good health are also necessary. In short, a functionally good body is one that can cope with the rigorous physical demands of professional ballet career. :rolleyes:


What is considered a good body aethetically has varied over the decades as fashions change. Currently the fashion demands slender, long-limbed bodies. Body proportions should generally be close to those of tall people (regardless of the actual physical height of the dancer). Males are allowed to be more muscular than females. If you go to a good school, many of the ballet teachers should be former professional dancers. You can also go watch professional performances. That is the look. It is really very easy to recognize after you have seen it a few times. :wallbash:



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The only constant seems to be one head, one torso, two arms, two legs. The rest changes over the years. :wallbash:

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