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I have a question!!


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I am 17, adn I have been dancing for 3 years. I actually started Ballet when I was 5 and I danced untill I was 10. I quit, but I went back when I was 15. I love dancing so much, adn I can't imagine living without it. I started pointe this year, adn I'm doing pretty good! Anyways, my question is about turnout. My turnout is ok when I'm standing flatfoot, but when I releve on one leg ( or ttwo for that matter!!) my feet start to turn in! It's so agrivating! What can I do to improve that?

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Guest Alive2Dance

I'll let the moderators answer your question, but I just wanted to say that I think that's great! It's awesome that you had the drive and passion to start back and congrads on getting on pointe! Good luck! :D

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And first a hearty welcome to you. :D


And second, words of comfort. Turnout is made, not born. Even in people who have natural rotation, you rarely find that they have the strength born in to make the legs rotate from the hips on command. That you have to build yourself, slowly and over a long period of time. You have to feel the muscles that will help you with the rotation, like the glutes in back and the sartorius in front, to name a couple. You have awhile to sit on the floor with your legs out in front, and alternately rotate one leg out, relax, then the other.

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