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Dancewear stores in LA, Vegas or San Francisco?


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I'm living in London right now but I'll be going on holiday to LA, vegas and San Francisco in a week (9th to 16th October)!!! Yay!! :lol:


I was thinking while I was out there I could do some dancewear shopping, for the following reasons:


1. Generally everything's cheaper in US than London (!!) :hyper:

2. I saw those Chinese style GM leos on some websites and I'd love to have one - but I'd like to try them on before I buy them, and I can't find any stockists in London


If you could point me in the right direction or recommend a few good stores it would be greatly appreciated!!! :D






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In Los Angeles you can try Capezio in Hollywood near the corner of Hollywood and Vine Streets. It's right across from the Capitol Records buildng. They have a pretty good selection and the store is easy to find. It's right near all the tourist stuff, easy access by car or subway (Hollywood and Vine stop). There are other stores in town but this one is the most convenient for someone visiting. Danny's Warehouse is located in Culver City on Venice Blvd. It's really inexpensive but plan on spending lots of time if you choose to go there. They have tons of stuff but its strewn all over in boxes and stacks waist high. It's impossible to beat their prices, though.


I was just in San Francisco and stopped by San Francisco Dancewear. It's a few blocks south of Union Square in downtown. Prices were pretty good and they had lots of stuff, even a fair amount of men's stuff which is rare.


Vegas only has one place I know of. I stopped by out of curiosity once. It was a huge waste of time.

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With all the professional dancers in Vegas, you think they would have a decent dancestore there. Companies tend to buy their own stuff by catalog/internet anyway.



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Wow thanks so much!!


I'm staying in a hotel near Union Square in San Francisco so it would be brilliant!!


thanks again :)




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I hope this post will be ok. If not please delete it.

E-mail me at srvlf@aol.com. I am in Vegas and no longer own a dance shop, but have a LOT of stuff for under wholesale prices at my home.

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