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Residency Programs: entering "mid year"


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When my girls were at SAB and SFBS, there were times when dancers joined in halfway through the year. It would most likely depend on whether there was any space left. Often dancers leave after the year starts, so there might be some openings. If you need a dorm space, that would add to the issues to be resolved. But again, there are often openings mid-year from students leaving and from students finding pro-jobs and moving on. My oldest got her job in September after starting the year at SAB , so left an opening when she left shortly after the school year began.

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I can only suggest calling and/or emailing the residency program you have interest in and ask this very question. Truly, only the schools are able to give you the answer. The answer could change from year to year so you would never know unless you ask! :thumbsup:

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I know that UBA used to allow new students in midyear. It was (and I suspect still is) as lillianna stated, dependent on space (specifically, dorm space) available.



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I know of 3 students who have come to Miami City Ballet School midyear. :D

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A dancer from my studio went off to UBA in January, seems likes the philosophy is basically if they want you bad enough then all kinds of doors are opened...

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