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I'm back!

Guest beckster

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Guest beckster

Hello everyone,

I'm back after a summer of no-ballet on the beach in Greece. I was working for the Sea Turtle Protection Society in the Pelloponnese and had a wonderful time, although it was very hard work.


I have been searching for classes in my new home (Oxford) and have found a place that does adult open classes and also seems very happy to let me try my hand (or feet) at RAD Grade 7. The only problem is that the classes are on Wednesdays and I keep getting invited to work-related events on Wednesday nights. And the fact that my muscles are incredibly stiff after walking 5km on soft sand every morning for the past two months.


Oxford is a whole different world ... I fear for my liver with the amount of dinners and drinks parties I have to attend. And also for my bank balance buying suitable clothes for these occasions ... no new leotards for awhile, I think.

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Hi Beckster, good to see you back! Having seemingly spent the whole summer getting rained on in muddy fields, I'm envious that you've spent yours on the beach... Good luck with your new home and your new classes!



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Hi Beckster!


Welcome to Oxford! I've lived here for the past 4 years and dance with a variety of programmes/teachers, although mostly non-syllabus... I don't think I have email or PM abilities yet, but if you can, email me and we'll swap info - would be great to see you in class sometime!


Also... if you fear getting back into shape... don't! Next week University term starts and there will be a lot more dancers hobbling around after a summer off!


All the best!



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Hi Beckster glad to hear you are back and only 40 min down the road. I know Oxford quite well as my dad is from there. Let me know when you are free and hopefully we can meet up.


Hope you are keeping well and hope to catch up with you soon


lol skippy :shrug::devil:

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Oh Beckster I'm so jealous :green: ! I've just decided that I need to take an extra year getting my BSc with the OU cos the level 3 courses are just too big to take 2 at a time when I work full-time too :thumbsup: . I guess one day I might get a chance at a research job somewhere .... might come knocking on your door :P !! My other half has strict instructions to get promoted enough in the next couple of years to be able to support us while I go to Plymouth to do an MRes in Marine Biology!!


Back to class for me tonight for the first time since before Easter - can't wait :D .


Have fun!



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yes, welcome back Beckster. Hope you are settling into Oxford. Where is the ballet school you are going to try?

jeanette xx

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Guest beckster

Hi all and thanks for the messages. I was going to try the university beginner/intermediate classes, to begin with, but it looks like it's on an inconvenient night. The other place is just outside Oxford but easy to get to by bus so I'm going to give it a try when I get organised.

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Hi Beckster,


If the Tuesday OUDS classes don't work for you, you should try the one on Saturday (tomorrow). It is on at 2:15 at Summertown Church Hall - just north of Summertown Shops on the corner of Portland and Banbury Roads. If you come, well, I'm the short Asian girl!




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