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Help needed in installing a barre at home


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I'm about to move into my new home (yes my new home!! yay!!) in about... um... let's say before christmas (you never know how long the solicitors are going to take.... ggrrrrr....).


And since I've just started ballet, I'm thinking maybe I should install a barre at home, in the living room.


I'm sure I've read it on this site somewhere but I just can't find the related posts. Does anyone have any pointers for one like me living in London, UK?


Specific information I need is preferably a supplier which ships to London UK, preferably based around London, and where I can find pricing information.


And for those who already have a barre at home, how long are your barres? I'm just going to be using it on my own. Will 4 foot long be enough?






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My barre is actually an aluminium painting stand. I had been using a chair, and was just investigating how to make my own barre (we are in a rental property where I can't screw anything into the walls) when I saw this stand on sale at the local hardware store. It has height adjustable legs, folds down for storage, is a metre long and if I ever feel the urge to paint the ceiling I can stand on it and do that too!


It cost $59 Aus, which is about 23 pounds at the moment.

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Whoa thanks very much for all the help!! I'll take a look :)




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I'm actually installing one in my apartment as well. I just went to Home Depot, had them cut a railing four feet long, got the railing supports and a four foot long wood support to drill into the wall along with stain and varnish to make it look nice. I also got two mirrors to put above and below the barre. I will let you know how it turns out (after I get my apartment painted). :devil:


I am wondering what suggestions people have for flooring. I have carpet.

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