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We are in a small pre-professional studio with a teacher who has been wonderful for our dd. As in all schools, we have had people leave for varions reasons. What is disturbing to me is that some of these people find it necessary to "bad-mouth" the studio because it did not work out for their dk. Some of these people have described situations at which I was present and you would not know it by their description of the circumstances. I'm not saying that their experience is not real, I'm just saying that spreading rumors and bad press is not necessary! I even find it bothersome when some posters on Ballet Alert call schools Dolly Dinkle. We have left schools ourself for personal reasons and I have tried to be careful in what I say and who I say it to as to why we have moved on. Ballet is a journey and a growing experience. Let's not burn bridges along the path.

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Wise words!


As for calling a school Dolly Dinkle ... it does come across as pejorative, because we here on Ballet Alert know that kids need a certain consistency of training to advance. But mostly, it's effective shorthand to describe a school that offers mixed tap/jazz/ballet classes, or places less emphasis on ballet than other dance forms, or targets training toward competitions or elaborate recitals.

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The Golden Rule of the site is that everyone must be treated courteously. We welcome all opinions and do everything we can to facilitate free and open discussion. We firmly believe that anything can be said, but we'd ask you to be careful in how you say it. Please don't post in anger; count to ten before hitting that Submit button. Take a moment to read over your post and see how you would feel if reading the same post to you from someone else.
To read more about Ballet Talk's rules and policies click on this link.


Let's all try to do our best. If at anytime someone feels that there has been a post that has been offensive they should certainly report it to one of the moderators. To err is human, to forgive is divine. :)

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