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open classes in Baltimore


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I'll be traveling to Baltimore on business and would love to try and take class while I'm there. My situation is the reverse of the norm -- I'm actually looking for daytime classes.


I'm a solid intermediate, early advanced dancer, but I'll take whatever I can get.



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I think I can be helpful here, although I am not sure if naming specific studios is permitted on this board. There are open classes during the day in at least two very reputable places I know of in the area (one in Baltimore and one in Columbia, MD, just south of Baltimore). Both have intermediate classes exclusively for adults, and the Baltimore studio also has an adult pointe class on Saturdays. Both studios have web sites that can give you additional information. If you are able to PM me (I just joined so I do not know if this is possible yet) I will gladly supply additional information.

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I'm also interested in open classes in baltimore. I don't really see any reason why you wouldn't be allowed to post studio names, but I'm not really sure eithor :thumbsup: I have been looking, but turning up very little. Any information you could provide would be great. Thanks.

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posting studio names is fine I think (it's done quite frequently). Not sure yet where in the city I'll be, so any and all suggestions are welcome.



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I'm sorry about the spelling last post. (I am a terrible typist.)


I think the best option for you, from what you've described regarding your level, is the Baltimore Ballet in Mt. washington. The address is Serpentine Road in Mt. Washington, on the north side of the city. The school is also associated with a professional performing company. While the administration does not advertise these classes as "open," my schedule is such that I pay a per-class fee once or twice a month at that particular studio and have never been hassled. Intermediate ballet is offered for adults, I believe, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and saturday mornings, with a pointe class on Saturdays. The classes there are enjoyable, and often at a high level (way too high for me!) but the lack of personal corrections does not fit my goal of wanting to improve. It sounds as though, for your purposes, it would be a good fit.


I have never taken classes at the Ballet Royale in Columbia (30 minutes due south of Baltimore) but my regular teacher highly recommends this studio and drops in to classes bi-weekly or so. These classes are as well during the day at the more advanced levels.



I hope this has helped. Enjoy your trip to Baltimore! I am partial, certainly, but I think it is a great city.

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