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I was wondering if anyone here attends, or has attended CPYB, or knows anyone who attends/has attended and how you/they found it?

I ask because I'm seriously considering going there, and while I AM going to visit the school (thursday infact) beforehand, I'd like the get as much feedback as possible.

I'd be entering at a very low beginner level--Not sure if that makes a difference.

Anyone have anything?

Thanks in advance!

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i went there last summer. its a very good school, but very strict. like more than you can imagine strict. i loved it...but some people can't take it and end up hating ballet.

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One of my students is attending CPYB. She began in August of this year. I just spoke with her last night, and she told me that she is really enjoying her study there and is very glad she made the decision to attend their program. You should be prepared to take LOTS of classes and to work very hard...

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It would help to know your age and how long you have been dancing. I have two boys who attend the school, and have one daughter who "graduated" from the school and has gone on to dance professionally. It is a very good idea for you to visit so that you can see where you might be placed, and how you can deal with that. It can be very hard on an older teen to be placed at a very low level. Personally, I think the school is a great school, but I won't lie to you and say that it is easy for newcomers. You can pm me with questions.

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maksimate, here's the results from just a straight search on CPYB search in all forums by topic. I'd suggest taking a look at the different threads...some may or may not be up your alley, but you'll get a broad range of input.


We all know a male's perspective and experience can be different from a female's, but its the mom is in that extra special place of having both sexes attend CPYB - year round, not just for their SI, so I'd take her up on her offer. :)


Enjoy your visit/audition.


**For some reason my initial hyperlink didn't seem to work anymore, so I've updated it. :)

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I , also, have had 3 dancers attend CPYB. All girls though, no sons. Having had kids attend the school for about 12 years I can say that older dancers who start in the lower levels often do progress through the levels more quickly than the younger ones because your comprehension of the corrections is usually more advanced. My oldest started in lower levels as an older student but bounced up quickly. She found it a little lonely being so much older than the other students in the class but knew that she needed to pick up the basics that she had missed attending a school more focused on other types of dance. Like Its the Mom, my daughters have gone on to dance professionally and have high regards for CPYB's instruction. To be a successful CPYB student , you must take lots of classes, pay attention to the details, follow the rules and be respectful. Being older and less advanced, you may have limited performance opportunities. Since the school has been gaining in national recognition and student numbers, you may find others your age in the same level. CPYB has grown immensely in the last few years.

I will also offer to answer PMs if you are interested.

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Guest fille'smom

DD tried CPYB at 15. Was placed in a low level to start. She decided that this was not the right program for her and we returned home. I agree with the poster above who recommends visiting (maybe for a week or 2 if possible) to see how you like it. Keep in mind that the summer program is not a good representation of the year round program.

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Keep in mind that the summer program is not a good representation of the year round program.


Could you elaborate on this?


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fille's mom - was wondering where you guys were. bebebalrina - I think what fille's mom means is that the summer program differs in that there are alot more instructors at the CPYB summer program than the year-round program. The CPYB year-round teachers have a specific way of teaching that many of the guest instructors don't. As lilliana has stated, my kids, like hers, have a great respect for CPYB. I think it can be difficult coming in at a late age and being in class with younger students. Most people coming in at a late age are not used to the amount of CPYB requires, and they are often disappointed at not being able to perform. Many of these older kids have come from much smaller studios where they were stars. However, that being said, CPYB is a great place to improve in a short period of time. If you search, you can find so much said on BA about CPYB.

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I moved to Carlisle this fall with my 15 year-old daughter for her to attend CPYB. We labored long and hard over our decision to move. We've only been her for one month but, so far, my daughter loves CPYB. That being said, we really did our homework and knew what to expect from the start (i.e., long hours, possibility of low level placement, lack of performance opportunities, etc.).

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Not postive if this belongs here, but it seemed to fit so moderators, feel free to move if necessary...


I am planning on attending the year-round session of CPYB for at least the 2005/2006 year, if not the year after and will be staying with a host family. I've heard a rumor that they require you to attend the 5-week summer intensive and stay with your host family to see if you will get along for the year or something along those lines. :) I would just like to check if this is true so I'll be able to plan audition season accordingly.


Thank you in advance.

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Unless a new rule, this has not been the practice. Many dancers who choose to stay at CPYB have attended the summer intensive and stayed in the dormitories. Others who come for the year round program have not been to the SI at all. It makes sense to attend the SI to see if CPYB would be a good fit for you, but there are many more teachers at the SI than the year round program so not a true test of the program. The 2 week course August course might be a better measure.


Host families might have different rules, however. Some might require you to stay with them for a while before making a year-long commitment, but most would accept students who had not stayed with them during the summer. Call the school office, CPYB has a website with contact information. The school office can answer most of your questions. Even if you are not sure that you are going to stay, having your questions answered will help you make a more informed decision. The office staff are very friendly. Don't be afraid to give them a call.

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Thank you for that information lillianna. I did indeed go to the August course this past summer and loved it. Also, I'm in the drop-in prgram whenever I can manage to get down there.

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When you drop in for classes, drop by the office and discuss your hopes with the office staff. Someone is usually working on Saturdays and every evening. Good luck.

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