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School show!

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Well, I finally returned to class last night for the first time since before Easter, and it was lovely to be welcomed back so nicely by the teacher.


Anyway, it transpires that us oldies are dancing in the school show this year :wink: , so as they only started choroegraphing last week, a little shuffling around was done and I'm in it (not quite sure how that happened but it did)!


I haven't danced in front of anyone since I was about 8 (not counting examiners!), and I'm nervous already (the show's not til January)!! We're getting romantic tutus and everything! Oh help! I know some of you guys perform fairly regularly - how do you get over doing it as an adult when you don't like the spotlight??!



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:blink: pop down to Boots or the nearest health food shop and get yourself some of Bachs flower "Rescue Remedy". Its great stuff, its just a herbal thing, you put a couple of drops on your tongue or in your drink and it relaxes you. I use it before exams and on panto week about half an hour before i go on stage. I usually get stage fright but last year i took it for the first time and it was not until the end of the show that i realised that i had got through the whole thing with hardly any nerves (of course i had a few but not nearly as many as i usually have and i found that i actually enjoyed myself).


I cannot remember how much it is but i am pretty sure that it is not more than a fiver besides it is worth it. I know its a little way away but i hope you enjoy it and all the rehearsals. :angry:


lol Skippy

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Skippy, what are the ingredients? I'd like to find something similar in the states.



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Hiya Tracey


that is so cool, you will enjoy it so much. It really is worth all the worrying and butterflies.


As for Bach Flower remedies, MJ, they were selling them when I was in California, but not inthe usual places i.e. Rite-Aid or Walgreens. You may have to go to a Whole Food shop, or herbal remedy store. I always have the Rescue Remedy at hand, i have used for over ten years now and whether it really works or is just a placebo effect who knows, but it is worth the £5. You can get in drop form or as a lotion, the drops are best for calming nerves, but if you get skin rashes and outbreaks when you are stressed then the lotion is good also.



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