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i took about five years of ballet when i was a child. I went on pointe at age 11. After my family moved...my teenage years took over and ballet just went out the window. I always meant to get back into it. Over the course of the next ten years (i am now 25) I made the mistake of taking open advanced beginner/intermediate classes in the middle of the season. I would take one class...be completly lost and never return. Finally in the beginning of september I decided that I was serious about returning and i would take the easiest adult beginner class i could find that fit into my schedule. At first I loved it. Clearly this was a very beginner class for adults with absolutly no experience. I combined that class with two more beginner classes that are more like advanced beginner. For a few weeks i liked the three time a week ballet schedule that I made for myself. One really easy class and two more advanced ones. The problem: I stick out like a sore thumb in the easy beginner class. Every week I am asked to lead the barre and be in front during center. The teacher knows I have much more experience than the others in the class. Where as in my other two classes I am in the middle of the pack. I know this sounds silly but i feel kinda silly in that class. I'm spending about $20 to learn positions. We also dont do really anything in that class at all and a couple of people in the class came up to me and asked me why I was even there. I know some people take classes much lower than their comfort level to "brush up." But this class is really for adults with no experience or knowledge at all and i feel like im wasting my time. My other teacher (the adv beg one) invited me to take his intermediate class. Do you think i should take it up a notch and try the next level? Should I change my schedule a little and maybe get rid of the absolute beginner class? Am I being snotty for feeling like my time is being wasted? Any advice?

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Hello Kellylynn, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :wink:


I don't think it would be a bad idea to leave the beginning class behind and move on to all adv. beginning or even maybe some intermediate classes. Perhaps a combination of a couple of adv. beginning for a while, and one intermediate, eventually moving towards all intermediate.

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Guest BalletBrat

I totally agree with Victoria, it sounds like you have outgrown this beginner class and may be ready for a new challenge.Congrats on sticking with it and improving. Good luck in your new class! :wink:

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