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ADC group pic's and DVD's


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Hello ALL,

Has anyone received either of the August sessions group photo’s? Usually I have received them a couple weeks after the session ended. Also has anyone received the June DVD or August DVD’s yet? I know that it takes a while but just checking. :thumbsup:



Hope everyone is doing great… :wink:



Thanks everyone

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Hey you


I was acually thinking the same thing today! I just moved and was worried that it didn't get forwarded or got lost in the mail ... I guess they just didn't send them out yet. Does anyone have an email address for Heidi that I could use to send her my new address? You can PM it to me if you do. Thanks!!

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Thanks so much Spinner! I'm sure if I had an extra second to think these days, I would have thought to go to the website too :( Thanks again!

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Stacy! :)i am VERY egerly awaiting the video. I'd be intrested to hear if someone asks heidi.

let's see those pics! ( are you going to put them up like carolyn did?) unfourtinatly the ones I took all came out too dark and blurred so I dont have any of the fun ones of us ( I have a feeling they messed up my film at the photo place) but there were a few cute pro ones. The one's chris took should be cute too but he hasn't deleveoped them. (I bug him on a weekly basis about it)


Ashley, It's too bad I missed you when I was in the city but I did make it to Movin out and it was AMAZING.

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DVD's for which session? The June one, or all of them? Also, I got my group picture on Saturday - Maybe it's me but I think the color was off - I thought our faces all looked kind of strange- like we were all wearing too much of a weird shade of makeup!

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i have now recieved all the camp photo's. I agree that the third sessions photo looks a little off and mine was a little bit smaller than my other ones...



Now I can't wait to get all the camp DVD's come. I am excited to see.




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Andi it's such a shame about the color - when the sample photo was displayed at the studio, it was beautiful- the colors were bright and true and everyone looked really good and I thought it was the best one of us I had seen so far- I wonder what happened?

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so what are you guys taking " very soon" to meen? lol. i'm getting really impaitent. plus assuming that its not horrible( I think aug might have been better, my mom said that I didn't smile at all so i'm assuming my expression sucked) I might use it for pratical purposes if I have it in time. eh. more on that later..


I didn't order the pic from august because I remeber not thinking it was that great. of course thats probobly just because it looks alot like the june one ( just diff people) hell I didn't order the video either but I'm thinking I should do that if its not too late. I'm sure chris will want to see it. ( or mabye he got one and I can borrow that if its too late to get one from heidi)


stacy, I'd still really love to see some pictures as all mine ate Horribly blurred. I promise i'll keep bugging chris about his too.

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Boston Ballet Girl-

Are you one of the people that were at the Saturday dinner at Sam Miller's? My fiance some video footage of the AD mostly of my level (3) , but if yoiu were in k2 he did get the 2 rehearsal onstage and the a little of the 2 variations. IF you want , I could send you a copy....

Let me know.


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I didn't come to sam millers. is the footage you have from june? if we're talking june it would be the Giselle Rep ( wilis) or the Raymonda Variation. I'm the young one. I beleive I had on red legwarmers. I highly doubt i'm on there anywere but it would be really cool.

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No- I was at the last August camp. I'm sorry- I really thought you were the girl I was sitting with- she was young ,too( early 20's). Do you study with Chris at the Boston Ballet School? Because she does , too- maybe you know her? The 2's did the Swanhilda variation from Coppelia. Did Chris teach at the June session? He was a really good teacher.

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sorry if I confused you further. I definitly was not at the sam millers dinner however I was at the august camp, and I do study at boston with chris. ( he only taught in aug) I DID do the coppelia variation. ( same deal, red legwarmers) is that what you have the footage of?


ps. I beleive I do know who you were sitting with.

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