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Rosin on my floors


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DD wants to practice pirouettes at home, but says the wood floors are too slippery with pointe shoes. What will rosin do to my hard wood floors long term. How do I clean it up, or do I?


(P.S. I figured out I can write my posts in my usual word processing program, spell check it and then copy and paste it to the board. Hee, Hee. No more embarrassing spelling problems.) :angry:

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I don't know about rosin on floors but using a word processor program and pasting is a great idea. I have a big heavy red dictonary that I have to reach over to get when I want to check spelling. Most of the time I am too lazy to do that. You can also open another window on your browser opened to a dictonary site. I'm too lazy to do that too. :angry:

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It will stain and scratch your home flooring, if it's polished to a high gloss. Worse, if it's waxed, your daughter will be tracking wax into the studio when she gets there.

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What about a small piece of marley? (That's how we solved the slippery wood floor problem -- now at least I feel that dd is safer when she insists on dancing 24/7.) The flooring can be rolled up, out of the way, when she's not using it. Just a thought. msd

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That's better, although the user still has to be careful about walking on waxed surfaces before and after. You really can't paddle around the house in ballet slippers or pointe shoes unless they're covered with something like sweat-socks.

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Thank you for the replies.

:( I definitatly won’t use rosin on the floors. They’re not waxed just a moderate coat of polyurethane.


The marley sounds like the plan.

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You really can't paddle around the house in ballet slippers or pointe shoes unless they're covered with something like sweat-socks.

Is this referring to the problem of picking up wax on the shoes, then "waxing" the studio floors? Like other posters, our wood floors are polyurethaned (I don't do waxing...or windows :( ). Any danger of picking up anything slippery from a non-waxed floor? msd

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vicarious, remember that marley is really a form of linoleum. We had success getting a small precut piece of vinyl at HomeDept or Lowes (I forget which). You can unroll it and roll it back up, it was not expensive and seemed to work just fine for what we needed. I looked on-line for a small roll of marley and with shipping etc it would not be cheap. We looked at the different grades at one of the above stores and found something very similar, and for home use the price was right.


PS there is such a thing as point shoe covers--about $5-6 and we found some to order online.

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msd -


Even if your hardwood, vinyl, or linoleum floors aren't waxed, many common household cleaners will be picked up by the soles of the shoes and transferred to the floors at the studio, creating slippery or sticky spots. The marley floors in a studio (at least our Harlequin floors) are NEVER cleaned with anything but ammonia and water -- ANYTHING else can cause problems. (I learned this early on when I almost cleaned up an "accident" in a Creative Movement class with a mop and soapy water. I was directed to throw away the water AND the mop head.)


Perhaps the simplest thing might be one pair of pointe and technique shoes for home use and another for the studio.

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Dave - Do you know the approximate concentration of ammonia to water? I’ve been too afraid to use anything but water on our Harlequin marley floor. They are in need of a good cleaning.

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There are nearly as many different kinds of marley as there are types of skin. The best thing to do is "follow manufacturers' directions" Some say that a 10% ammonia, 90% water is fine, others say 50/50, and so on. Harlequin makes its own dedicated cleaning solutions. Naturally, they recommend them. My experience with real marine linoleum says that that kind, fresh from the battleship, should be washed with the 50/50 solution, then rinsed with clear water. Use only clear (not sudsy) ammonia.

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Mr. Johnson, Thank for the information. You are right Harlequin recommends using their “cleaners for vinyl flooring”. Harlequin says these cleaners “typically are formulated on an ammonia base” but they fell to give the concentration. I will try a 10% concentration and rinse with water. Thanks again

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