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I'm back and out of condition... :(

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Sorry for my absence on the board for the last few weeks. I seem to be off on business in the US every other month or so. I get tired of living out of a suitcase! I do keep an eye on things though as much as i can.

The most disappointing thing is that, I haven't been able to start back at ballet classes yet, after all the happiness of finding the place in Manchester :(

The problem is that now I am paranoid about going back because I would feel so out of condition.

my last class was last July! and I think 'well is it worth it as I would be only dancing for an hour and a half one time a week, I'm hardly going to regain my strength from just that'. But as I do keep telling everyone else ' it's better to do that one class than none at all'. But is it?


Jeanette xx

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That's a good question, Jeanette...and welcome back! Seriously, I think that for some people that might work and for others it would not. I guess the only thing is to try it and see, and maybe try to fit in just a bit of stuff on your own as often as possible. Stretching in the hotel room, barre in your kitchen, etc. :(

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ten classes of ballet a week....



I guess that's it really, I miss ballet loads and I feel sad at only being able to do one class, that drives me mad and I feel uncomfortable, and hence by not going I avoid feeling that.

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That's the reason I stopped dancing for so long during grad school. One or two classes a week were very frustrating, and they really hurt (physically). My muscles had the memory to try and perform beyond my level of fitness, and it was nearly impossible to consciously "reign in" what I was doing. The muscle habits out-thought my brain (still do--but now in the annoying "shoulders up during pirouette" kind of way) :)


Of course you should go to class though :wub: . It'll be even harder to return again when your schedule permits those 10 classes a week :wink: (4 or 5 might keep you happy and productive) Stretch out during the week and do some floor work, and you will probably maintain something--at least the right feeling in your muscles for placement, rotation, etc...



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Hi Jeanette!


Greetings from another road warrior who has (waaay too many times)

found themselves with a leg up on a hotel bathroom sink, holding onto the

towel rack, and squinting into the mirror at some ungodly hour.


I don't know what I can offer, other than sympathy, and a wonderful

phrase that Alice wrote in response to my request about doing splits

with my admittedly limited body. She said:


... just know that if you are unable to achieve the split, it's okay. It isn't a failure of any sort. Just a reallocation of your goals.


I try to keep this in mind when I find myself getting overly goal-oriented or

frustrated with myself in my hobbies (I'm NOT reading enough, I'm NOT

playing/writing enough music, and I'm NEVER dancing enough)-- if I relax,

I can remember that just doing these things makes me happy, and I can

back off from my usual demanding goals, since in the end, these ARE hobbies...


(aren't they?) :(

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Yes, that is so true! thanks. I just feel sad and I guess I still miss my dance classes and dance friends in San Francisco and going back to class here is just not the same :nopity: . But when I moved to SF I think I had the same transition problem, so I'm guessing it will pass. I just feel frustrated at the lack of adequate ballet classes up here in the frozen North! But I think you have all talked me into going back to class :) even if it is only one per week..grrrrrr

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Guest prokofiev

Oh, Xena,


I'm glad you're back, at least for posting if not for 10 classes a week... you should know that I lurked for *ages* and found your posts a real inspiration during a year I was living abroad and unable to take any classes at all... I've enjoyed your insights ever since I found this board a few years ago, and you kept me going during those times I was doing releves by the bookshelf and streches on the bathroom sink... :)


...keep the flame burning, even if it's once a week. I'm rooting for you.



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Hi Prokofiev, thanks for your comments :blushing: I am very happy that you found my posts helpful. I'm just sorry that the last year or so I haven't been quite as inspirational as I would have hoped to be as a moderator.

I am glad you delurked though :):nopity:

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Hi Jeanette - good to see you back!


Sorry to hear that ballet's not going so well for you - you have my sympathies... Although I've been managing to make it to a couple of classes a week since term started again, work has been so mental that I've had no time to practise outside of class, and worse than that I'm in a permanent state of exhaustion. So I totally share your frustration at being out of condition!


As others have suggested, though, a couple of hours of ballet a week is better than no ballet at all, and even though they do frustrate me - and I long to take more - my classes are still a fantastic break from the stresses of work. So I urge you to return! If you're paranoid about going back to your class, you could come to mine for a few weeks until you're back in shape - there's loads of beginners in the class now (and a nice new studio), so you won't feel that out-of-condition at all!


Anyway, drop me a line and we'll have that drink we were on about months ago...


Robin x

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Hi Xena, nice to hear from you, but not so nice to hear your ballet's not going well. I hope you will get at least half of those ten you want, some time in the near future! I am not sure if I could take just one class a week and enjoy it, but I think probably not. :speechless:

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:grinning::grinning::grinning::D Jinty its great to finally see you back on line i was starting to get worried that you had left the planet. I am so glad that you and Beckster are back it brings back fond memories of Reading.


Hopefully we can all meet up soon and get everyone in the UK together. I have tried to pm you but i dont know if you ever got them. Anyway glad to see your name back on the boards.


lol skippy :grinning:

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Guest beckster

Welcome back Xena! I think you should go with the one class a week ... I am working up to getting enrolled in Oxford (two classes a week, I hope) but I've only been here a week so I'm waiting for life to settle down a bit first.

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My muscles had the memory to try and perform beyond my level of fitness, and it was nearly impossible to consciously "reign in" what I was doing. The muscle habits out-thought my brain

I have the same problem. My teacher is always reminding me that I need to do what my body can do now and not what I used to be able to do. Of course that makes me want to take more classes so maybe the two will one day be the same.



I can relate. Now I am taking one ballet class a week and it just doesn't seem to be enough. My husband (whom I met and married when I wasn't yet back to ballet) thinks I am crazy and newly obsessed, he just doesn't realize I've always been this way about ballet, it was just easier for me to ignore when I wasn't dancing. :clapping:

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