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We follow the RAD syllabus at our school - my daughter has taken Grade 1,3, and Intermediate Foundation. She is going to be 12 next month and will take the Grade 5 in the the Spring. I like the idea of following a set syllabus, but many girls do not take exams and do progress nicely from one level to the next at our studio. Do you have any specific questions???

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And I have taught with, alongside of, and behind RAD (but mostly instead of) for the last thirty-five years. What's up? Lgmg, this forum is for dancers 13-16 and the moderators almost exclusively. After the moderators have our chop at a question, followups from students are all right, but unless there's a really pressing reason for it, responses from parents are discouraged, unless you also are a student.

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It's OK, though, you're new, and you're still learning all the ropes and bells and whistles. :angry:

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Guest elleballet

RAD is the english royal academy training that i've studied for all my grades i'm now on grade 5 and doing my exam in may in RAD stdents usually do exams.hope this helps they have a website www.radenterprises.co.uk :devil::D

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Hello pasdechat16, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :green:


RAD is taught in the US, however it is not as prevalent as it is in England. More schools in this country tend towards either Vaganova, or a mixture of Russian, Italian, English, French, etc., sort of an "American Mix". :thumbsup:

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I studied R.A.D for seven years. It is very common and popular in Europe I think.

But at least here in Germany most schools teaching R.A.D do not necessarily follow the Grade system and let their pupils take regular exams even though they are supposed to. It is a real pity.

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There are RAD schools all OVER the US and Canada. Some do it better than others, but they're heeeee-ere. It's a worldwide method.

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Yes, they are here, but unfortunately too many of them are not really qualifying the dancers in terms of professional goals. Some are, of course, but many are so into the syllabus that the students never learn to dance! They learn the syllabus, but they do not do well in the professional schools where they have to do new material every day or two. A major exception that I have seen first hand in terms of having their students in our program in the summer is the Academy of Ballet in Red Bank, NJ! While the teacher is R.A.D., they also have enough "free" work that they really learn to move. I think they also have some classes with teachers who are not R.A.D., not sure. But they are far more advanced than most of the others I see. I'm sure there are many other good programs like this, too, but just warning you that there are many that are not good. But of course that applies to any method of training. You will find excellent Russian training, and you will find really poor training calling itself Russian. Same with Cecchetti, and with American Mix. It always comes down to the teacher, or teachers. If one is a really good teacher, professionally qualified, it doesn't matter what method they use!

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moderators, please feel free to delete if necessary, but i did some researching on the RAD website and found the following link




It says that the feature for searching a teacher in your area is available soon, but it also gives an e-mail address for the department that you can contact.


you can also try e-mailing the internation office in the USA at info@radusa.org

Local organiser for the USA is Patti Ashby and the office is located in Bakersfield, CA


I hope this helps you a bit!



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