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I just want to know.....Did anyone else out there get Mr. Johnson's joke or am I the only one?


Oh, the slip ups we make when we type in a hurry.... :shrug:



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sounds like what would happen if the major rode his horse to class!

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one of the studio's in my area offers an "adult" class (16 and up, sheesh) but it is for upper intermediate and advanced students, so if you want to get into it you are forced to take a class with 6-14 year olds for at least 6 months. even if you have years of previous training, they claim to put you in that class to "truly determine your skill level" before you can be moved up. I think they do it to discourage adult students, it tends to be a career oriented studio and they feel it a waste of time (mostly theirs) to take classes recreationaly.


I showed them though, I'm 19 and rather tall so i stick out like a sore thumb nest to the 10 year old girls, and have 13 years under my belt. I took the begginger class so i could be advanced up after 6 months but they moved me earlier because the mothers of the little girls were confused and complaining. hah! :sweating:

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Guest Jennifer W.

I really believe that adults have a ton to offer as ballet students. I recently started taking classes again after a ten year hiatus and three months after having a baby and I've been thrilled with it.

I was very surprised to find a 74 year old woman in my intermediate adult class who is just awesome. She started for the first time a few months ago, and she can't do some of the more intense skills like the jumps and multiple pirouettes but she's gorgeous to watch. Just very graceful and she makes everything look like it's just sort of flowing through her, it's great. I have learned alot from watching her because I've always been a little weak when it comes to looking graceful.

Our instructor also prefers adult class becuase it's more fun for her to teach, relaxed and more laid back. My classes now are so much more rewarding then as a teenager. :angry:

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I am so excited. I found a class for Adult Beginner (flexibility and coordination stressed) that will meet twice weekly this summer. In the evenings! And I'm going to go. Me.


I'm 51 and have aerobicized, weight lifted, interval trained and who knows what else in an effort to stay fit. But I have never felt as fit as I did way back when I danced ballet. Why is that? Well, enough. I'm going back to the barre! You guys are a real inspiration.


AND if I survive the summer course, in the fall I'm heading over to PNB for their adult beginner's class. When I was younger, I use to think it was silly for ladies my age to take ballet. Now I think if you really want to dance, it's silly NOT to! :wink:

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My teacher's 57 and she's still doing developpes over her head and whipping out quaduple pirouettes on pointe. It's totally awesome. You see so many retired dancers who work "cleanly" and simply in class, but she still "goes for it" like a kid.

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i take a class with a bunch of teenagers who have somewhat short memories. i remember when we first started our Grade 6 exam preparations, the girls would all watch me because i was the only one who memorised all the exercise :huh:


my teachers treat me the same as they treat any of the girls, the younger one (whom i'm sure is younger than me) even calls me "dear" and "good girl" all the time :yawn:


it's hard to dance against public opinion, but when it's in your heart, it's in your heart. no one can take it away from you. :D

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Feast or famine! We have four studios within several miles that offer adult classes in tap, ballet, jazz, modern etc., in the evening, different levels, but no adult students! In my studio I am currently the only adult student in the ballet classes. The other adult student is currently house sitting in europe. We have several other adult students in the tap classes, and there was a couple of adult students in the modern classes, but they have dropped out. In the other studios, the adult classes usually only have five or six students at the most. I am fortunate that my teacher will hold a "class" with only one student. I know that two of the other studios will cancel a class if there are fewer than three students. It is frustrating because where I work (a law firm) I get a lot of people telling me how "lucky" I am to be so flexible, or that they wish they had more balance, and these same people will spend hours running or jogging, but tell me they don't have the time to take a dance class. I get a lot of comments on how good my posture is, even though I spend hours in front of a computer and how others "wish" they could have good posture, but it seems no one want so put forth the effort to obtain this good posture. I quit explaining why I feel it is necessary for me personally to continue to take ballet classes because it was as though I was speaking a language unique unto myself. I also have the additional challenge in communicating my need for a ballet class because I tend to be a larger person than most everyone in my office. However, every once in awhile, when it is necessary for me to get on the floor to fix a computer connection under a desk and I am able to get into a strange pretzel position, fix the connection and unwind myself get up into a standing position and not disturb anything around me, then I get either the comment "be careful!" or "wow, how did you do that?" I just say, that's one of the reasons I take ballet classes" :D

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QUOTE(kellylynn @ Oct 10 2004, 10:03 PM)

...bad turnout and sloppy piles....


Oh, the temptation, the temptation...no, no, naughty, naughty, mustn't....






sounds like what would happen if the major rode his horse to class!


Thanks for making my day! :huh:

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I'm not 25 anymore, but I remember when I was -- I had transitioned from performance into a news career. A wonderful teacher had just opened a school with adult classes about 45 minutes away from this very small town. I would somehow find a way to dash over there 3 or 4 times a week -- which wasn't easy because daytime work was usually followed by covering school board or common council meetings or shooting pix of high school or college sports. But I managed to do it, and loved the whole experience. The classes were wonderful and supportive, and afterwards we'd sometimes all get together at this incredible vegetarian restaurant frequented by local college students. During the ride home, I would listen to Sears Radio Mystery Theater, drive through a rural community called "Pickett" and smell the corn fermenting. Midway, there was a tiny gas station/general store where I would often stop and buy the best mint ice cream cone for a quarter.


This lovely experience was rather spoiled for me, however, by my publisher, who had made me the first lady editor in 113 years and felt that my avocation posed a serious threat to accomplishing my work (it never did). He spent all his free time jogging or playing in a Dixieland band. I would never have asked him, "Well, does this mean you're going to give up your career in news to become a marathon runner or musician?" But he persistently asked me, "Are you considering a ballet career?" Eventually, what I did on my own time cost me my job, believe it or not, and it was even printed in that paper that I was leaving to return to dance, just because I was squeezing in several ballet classes a week.


So yes, I do know how pigheaded and ignorant the outside world can be. Thankfully, I've never had that problem again. In fact, many people from the 'lay' world have asked me about taking classes themselves, and I always encourage it.

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