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Guest piccolo

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Guest piccolo

As an adult student (either one who started as an adult or took ballet when they were younger), which one of the following best describes your feelings about receiving corrections from the teacher?


a) I like to receive individualized corrections.

:) I prefer to have the teacher give the class a general correction and then figure out myself how to get it to work for me.

c) (other feelings?)


Over the years, I have noticed different behaviors in adult students and as I sometimes substitute teach adult classes, this information would be helpful to me. Thanks.

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I prefer inidivdual corrections, but also like it when the teacher corrects the whole class. So mainly a) along with a bit of :):D

I don't like it when it is solely one or the other.


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Guest djinrain

mine individually corrects when just one person messes up, but when EVERYONE (or most everyone) is doing something, he corrects the whole class at once. For me, it seems to work out rather well, although I can tell he's looking at me with those corrections sometimes(I seem to be the only one who falls over on a regular basis).

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Guest linsusanr

I find individual and group corrections equally helpful. Of course, I always get embarrassed when I get the correction :) I'm always better off for it, though! Sometimes there are things I just won't know unless someone tells me.

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I *definitely* prefer getting individual corrections. I also value teachers who tell me - not necessarily verbally, a nod or eye contact is enough - that they have checked my technique and not found anything to correct at that point.


I strongly dislike being uncertain about how I am doing - is there just nothing to correct, or has the teacher not even checked me out, or has he decided not to say anything out of being bored or frustrated with my endless mistakes. :)


When I receive individual correction it usually makes me happy - it makes me feel that the teacher considers me good enough to be worth teaching. Of course receiving corrections about the same bloody thing over and over can be frustrating... but I still rather get the correction than no feed back at all.


Group corrections are fine too - any correction is fine - but they cannot replace the individual contact for me.

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Guest beckster

Definitely individual corrections, although obviously some group corrections must happen at times. I guess I would prefer ... whichever was needed at the time! What I do hate is when I recieve no corrections OR encouragement - am I doing so badly that the teacher doesn't know where to start or am I doing ok?! I agree with Jaana about this :)


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Guest TashaKat

Yes, I like a mixture of both too. I don't feel embarrassed by personal corrections, as far as I'm concerned I'm there to learn, I learn from seeing other people corrected and they will probably learn from seeing what I'm doing wrong.


Hope that makes sense!

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Guest Ballerino

I also like individual corrections, for it shows that the teacher feels me worth correcting, that I will improve from the correction. Class corrections, and just about any correction in class, I take as if directed to me, and that has made a large difference in my technique and dancing.

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Guest Anthony

Oh, I definitely prefer individual corrections, however humiliating.


Very often, I find that my arms/legs aren't doing anything like what I think they're doing. It's really helpful when the teacher comes over and gently pushes or turns the offending limb in the right direction, because I can then feel what I'm doing wrong.


Incidentally, I gather that physical contact between teacher and pupil is increasingly frowned upon these days, at least in the UK. Is it the same elsewhere? Personally I think it's a vital part of the teaching process.



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Guest TashaKat
Originally posted by Anthony:

Incidentally, I gather that physical contact between teacher and pupil is increasingly frowned upon these days, at least in the UK. Is it the same elsewhere? Personally I think it's a vital part of the teaching process.




ITA Anthony, my figure skating coaches were at a coaching seminar recently and were told that they were now not allowed to touch their pupils to correct their positions as they were opening themselves up to allegations of child abuse! They were to demonstrate or tell them what to do!


How often do you THINK that you're in the correct position and aren't? FEELING how it's supposed to feel is the only way to make corrections in my opinion. Whilst I totally support stamping out abuse I feel that this ruling is totally unrealistic and unworkable and cannot possibly have been made by anyone who has ever learned dance/skating. IMHO it really is taking things too far!

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Guest sissonne

Ditto on individual corrections, of course understanding there's not always the time (our classes are rather large).


I think many instructors feel the same way you do. I simply communicated to mine that I don't mind being singled out for correction in the least. I also let them know I have no issues with physical contact in corrections. They all appreciated the input and it's been to my benefit!

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Guest michaelb

I *LOVE* individual corrections, and always try to internalize them and improve from them.


When a teacher gives someone else an individual correction, I like it when they do so loudly enough so that I can also hear it, and can consider if I should also take the same correction. It can also help a lot if I can see the fault and correction on the other student. (For example, if the teacher chose to give the correction to a student in the center of the room, instead of someone in the corner, and doesn't stand between the student and the rest of class.)


Group corrections seem to be really beneficial too, because they can help many students at once.

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Guest cecile77

I am definitely for individual corrections. It lets me know the teacher is paying attention to me. Also I'll know for sure that I'm doing something right if he/she "fixes" my posture, or whatever needs to be corrected. That's how I was taught when I was younger and I believe it was a great help.

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