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Guest piccolo

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Guest amdewitt

I like individual corrections as well. It makes me feel like the teacher is really paying attention to my form. I've shared with my instructors my seriousness about ballet and how I want to stick with it, and now they are getting really picky with the form. I'm glad though, because I want to be taught with the same enthusiasm and seriousness as the young dancers are taught.

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I guess my response is superfluous (sp?), seeing as I agree with the previous contributors. Individual coorrections is the way to go for me. If it were possible, I'd have the teacher standing next to me through the whole class, pouncing at any tendency to do it wrong! That said, I find it very annoying when my teacher "favors" a particular student, in that she seems to give about 50 percent of all corrective comments to one (ambitious) student, and distribute the remaining 50 percent on the rest of us (many equally ambitious, although maybe not as pronounced). This is ok for one class, but not repeatedly, class after class.


Regarding the bi-thread: Body contact is definitely necessary - I could never have found my turn-out muscles or understood how much work I need to achieve a proper arching of my back without my teacher's tugging and jerking. As a beginner, you just don't believe that your body can do some of the things it's expected to do without a force from the outside.

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I think both group and individual corrections are important , but I prefer not to be corrected individually unless it is a major placement problem. Any corrections on style tend to tick me off. This is probably because I am in a ballet class only to make my modern dance stronger and to get in shape. I had a teacher once correct the placement of my little finger. I never went back to her class. :)

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Guest babygurlesq

LMCTech - that's interesting what you say about your focus being a modern dancer taking ballet for personal reasons and disliking minimal corrections for that reason.


My addition to the poll is also probably quite superfluous :P -- but I also enjoy personal corrections in addition to the group ones. I love the personal ones INTENSELY though (narcissistic of me I know :)) and I WANT corrections - from the position of my head, arms, right down to yes - the little finger! :D I would have signed up for as many more of her classes as I could! LOL!


Anders - Ihear you too about that one student getting most of the corrections. It makes me so MAD! But I've noticed in some (even if not all) of the classes I've taken that an instructor will "choose" someone that day and it's someone different everytime. So that brought my blood pressure down some when I realized that. :)


But it's really interesting to see everyone's take on it and to see how people's preferences on dance style and personal self consciousness and the like, factor in.



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Hi Piccolo, interesting topic- I would love to find out the differences between young and adult dancers, let us know your findings.


For me, I like personal corrections to a point, especially if its something I'm really struggling with.

But its also useful if the teacher calls out more general corrections when we are doing an exercise, such as eyeline.

Anyway, like I said, let us know xx

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