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Hello UK bunch, how would you all like to try and meet up. If you do drop a line on this topic so we can get an idea of numbers also so we can see who and when people are about.


If we also put down where we are living so we can try and find a good place to meet. I am in Bracknell in Berkshire slap bang between the M4 and M3. About 40 mins from oxford, hour from Bristol, hour from London, four hours from Manchester unless i fly then its 30 mins, 7 hours from Edin/glasgow.


As for a date i would need to know quite a while in advance so i can sort out my roster. If we were going for a date in Dec i could bid for a particular day next month when we do our bidding. If you want to go for a date in Nov then i will know what my days off are in about two weeks.


Hope to see you all soon.


skippy :grinning::grinning:

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I am in Alloa which is an hour away from Edinburgh and Glasgow and 6 hours away from London.


I need a good date in advance too I'm afraid. My work is quite picky as to when we can leave!!

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Hi fellow Brits


I'm always up for a meet, but a week-or-so's about as far as I look ahead at the moment! Dunno what I'll be doing in December, and doubtless won't do until late November... Probably best if everyone else finds a good date, then, and I'll join you if I can. Mondays or Tuesdays are normally safe bets for me, but I guess weekends suit everyone else better!


As to where, I'm easy... Manchester would be top, of course, but London or Oxford would be good too. Oxford is good to drive to from Manchester, better than driving into London, anyway.


Hope this one comes off!



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I'm in Oxford as well - could possibly make a London trip on a weekend though.

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I'm in Bristol so anywhere along the M4 corridor would be fab - London fine. Early December would be good for me.

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Dear All,

Tentatively, as I'm new to this community, I'd love to meet up. I'm in Lancaster (the wilds of the northwest of England), so Manchester would be lovely, but with enough notice Oxford or London on the weekend are also good (any excuse to go to London, really!). I'll definitely be in central London on the w/e of the 11 & 12 December.



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I think we should start thinking about a date.... Redbookish` proposed the 11. December. That sounds good to me :-) Preferably in the evening or around noonish. Anybody else want to join in? :grinning:

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I am off on the 11 Dec the only thing is i am doing the panto that night. Although saying that if you wanted to have a laugh at my exspense you could always come along and then we could all meet for a drink afterwards. The show takes place in the Beck theatre in Hayes which is outer london just off the M4.


If any of you fancy that let me know asap so i can get tickets (they are £13 and all the money goes to charity) and so you can organise any accommodation, I could look into prices and what not around the area. I wont be offended if no one wants to do this it was just a mad idea when i saw the 11 Dec up on the screen.


skippy x

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December 12 would fine for me as well :thumbsup: It will be very difficult to find a date that is conveniant for all :grinning:

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Well I live in Manchester and Cambridge, so if it was a date when I was in Manchester, then maybe I may take a trip down with mr robin and redBookish, since we are all near eachother. If I am in Cambridge, then I can just get the train straight into Kings cross or wherever in London it takes me.


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If we dont start to agree on a date soon it will never happen (as last time a couple of months ago). :thumbsup: So what about the 11./12. Dezember? Any good? :wacko:

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I'd love to meet up with some of you folks but I'm off to Hong Kong for the first 2 weeks of December, gone on 26th Nov and won't be back until 13th Dec :(


I'll be up for anything that happens outside of these dates - but if majority opts for 11th or 12th then I guess I'll have to wait till next time then :wink:




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