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sooo happy!

Guest Maiko

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Hi everyone. :grinning:


A few weeks ago when I tried adult ballet for the first time it was at a studio that only had an adult open class. It seemed like it was more focused on a 'workout' than ballet. She didn't explain things well and was pretty lax on corrections. :grinning: To be honest most of the class was stretching and cardio stuff, with hardly any ballet technique work at all. It felt like there was no real structure to the class. :crying:


Yesterday I tried a different studio that specialises in adult dance classes. They have four levels for classical ballet, 1-4. The teacher was sooooooo much better. It was the start of a new 6 week term too so there were a bunch of newbies, some of whom had never done ballet before. This teacher explained. She went through the positions, taught us ballet terminology, demonstrated, corrected us and was just altogether wonderful. There was structure. A lot of the exercises I remembered doing as a child and I was glowing the entire class I was so happy. It was an amazing feeling, like I was home. :grinning: I wish I could take ballet classes every day instead of once a week, unfortunately there just aren't classes available.


I can't wait til next week! :grinning: Hope you don't mind my ranting, Ballet Talk is the only place where I can share this with people who will understand what it's like to be really happy at the barre. My friends would just laugh and give me strange looks. Mmmmm.. ballet. :D

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Hi Maiko,


I am so incredibly happy for you, I remember what it is like finding the 'perfect' school. I couldn't stop smiling and expressing how fantastic it all was to everyone and anyone.


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I know how you feel. Thank god for the structure. I never went to a bad, not-really-ballet class before I'd had a proper class for a while, luckily, and after I did, I appreciated my regular classes so much more. If you can't discern the basic order of the barre (and in more advanced classes, center) as it has been done for the last hundred years or howeverlong, it is not ballet class, for that is the thing that makes it ballet class. I just love the idea that all over the world, people are doing plié, tendu, rond de jambe, etc. the same way.

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