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Guest alyk

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Hello i have just got one question for you guys i hope you can help me, i used to do ballet until i was 10 years old but then we moved and i never realy started it again, now i am 19 years and i miss it allot and i would really like to start again, i know that im not going to be great or anything anymore but i was wondering if i am to old to begin again and if not if they have classes for people my age again??? thanks :)

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Hello alyk, and welcome to Ballet Alert Online!


Your question is one we have had a lot here, and I think you will find all the answers and more down in the Special Groups, on the Adult Ballet Students forum. I'm going to move this question down there, and you will get a lot of response. I hope you will also scroll through all the topics there, as this has come up a great deal.


To answer your question, it's never to late to study ballet! Perhaps too late for a professional career, but not to enjoy classes.

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Guest djinrain

Hi and welcome! I am 19 also and just started ballet lessons last week. You are never too old, and my beginning class includes dancers much older than you and I-trust me.

Call everyone in your local phone book who offers lessons to ask if they have an adult division, and if not if they could refer you to a place that does. This method takes a little while, but you WILL find something. Trust me!

We are here to help if you need anything else.

good luck

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Guest Danzure

Hi there,

I'm 19 too and I started to study ballet about a year ago. You will be surprized at how much you can do and learn. If you love ballet anything is possible.



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