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horton style of modern dance


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I don't know about Horton causing a dancer's thighs to become larger, but I honestly feel that this technique is very hard on a dancer's back. My daughter started having back problems right after she started a Horton technique modern class. She had taken another modern class (not Horton) for 3 years prior to this class. Several other students complained of their backs hurting, but not to the extent that my daughter's did. She swears that she never had any pain until she took this class. Just our experience, but something to think about.

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Guest dancingforever

Knock-knock! I am a student, so as usual, delete if necessary! I went to Alvin Ailey this summer, and we had Horton every day. I didn't notice that my body changed in any way, but when I got home, I got a lot of comments about how toned I looked--mostly my back and legs. I think that Horton chanaged my body for the better. It gave me a VERY strong center, which helped the rest of my body and alignment. Your daughter might think that the lunges will bulk her up, but I think that the sequence in which they are done actually promotes elongation of the muscles. The back pain is a different matter. There are some exercises (one is the flat back series with a pelvic press) that can put strain on the lower back if not done properly. "Crunching back" into the base of the spine is sure to cause problems! :wacko: But if your daughter's teacher correctly explains the exercises, she should be fine. Well, that's my input! If you have any more question, ask away! B)

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Thank you, dancingforever. I was beginning to think that we had no one here who had ever experienced any Horton training. I have not, so I had no idea how to respond to this one.

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I've done a bit of Horton too. I agree with dancingforever in that it tones you up really well. Most Horton dancer's I've seen have awesome abdominals. I know with modern dance in general, a lot of work is done to articulate the spine. When I get back into modern classes, my back is sore for the first few weeks

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